Dhalsim v2013 wishlist

Imagine AE 2013 would get released. How would you change sim?

I would give him back his damage, that got nerfed for no reason IMO.

Also, once sim is cornered he is dead.
You can try to escape with teleport but you just eat a free combo or get thrown back into the corner.
I had the idea to make his teleport airbone for the whole animation. While being in the air you cannot get thrown and you wouldnt eat a full combo.

Just keep the buffs he got like hard knowdown on yoga blast, and give him back the damage he had in Super.

Not much you can do to make him any much better, but the damage would help a lot. Nowadays people just keep moving forward against Dhalsim and eating the limbs, because they know that the damage is crap and when they manage to trade/win they will have the advantage.

Edit: Oh, and please, make his slides safe ON HIT for God’s sake! Makes no sense you HITTING the opponent with LK slide and getting punished for it after

I’m trying to compile a list with buffs for every charcter (in the official rebalance thread). This is what I think for Sim:

  • HP: +10 damage (85)
  • MK: +10 damage (70)
  • Ju. HP: +5 damage (85)
  • b. LK: +10 dmg (40)
  • b. MK: +5 dmg (70)
  • b. HK: +20 (110)
  • cr.b. HP: +15 dmg (100)
  • Yoga Fire: reduce the start up with 1 frame (13)
  • Yoga Spear: reduce the start up with 1 frame (11)
  • Yoga Mummy: reduce the start up with 1 frame (12)
  • cr. LK, MK: +4 hitstun (-2/-1)

All I’d want is more damage and a smidge faster drills/mummy

To be honest, I’m not really sure what can be done with Sim that will make his bad match ups better that won’t make his (few) good match ups really lopsided. Sure, getting his damage from Super back sounds great, but I’m not really sure it will help much in the grand scheme. He’s still going to lose (badly) to all the characters he loses (badly) to.

Sim has good matchups? Tell me more!

Sim does no damage so all i see nowadays is random srk/lariat and focus dashes in. Nobody cares about getting hit anymore.

I’d like to have that super dmg and a 2 hit st.lk. Thank you capcom

Even Dhalsim’s good matchups are not good like the “cammy good matchups” for instance, because of his crappy damage and low health.

Take for isntance Guile, some people say it’s 7-3 for Dhalsim, but if Guile goes crazy and hits a Flash Kick on your s.HP, you are in trouble because you lost a lot of life.
Yes, the matchup is good for us, but Dhalsim is weak against risks (it’s always in their favor) so even good amtchups can become even or bad…

This is the main problem of Dhalsim right now

well, then the damage buffs should help a little…

Sure, a little, but they don’t address the fundamental reasons why Sim loses to the characters he loses to. I view most of your suggestions as (no offense) pretty thoughtless token buffs.

Well, that is because I don’t play sim and no sim player said what Dhalsim would need. So, I gave him what I thought - his super dmg back - I know he was really good in Super, safe on hit slides Hardcore requested, a better FB (better zoning) and slightly faster drills and yoga mummy, in order to be a little more usefull (maybe as excape options).

Yes, Abel, cammy, makoto would still beat him - but I think in order to make these matches better Dhalsim should be changed fundamentally. But I think with my buffs Sim should be pretty good - sure, he would still have terrible match ups, but he is not the only one. And, F Champ won Revelations with sim, so not everything is lost.

A far 2 hit normal would help a lot!
s.lk, cr.mp or s.mk

That would be too OP :stuck_out_tongue:

Just some random things I’d like to see: 1) Removal or large buff (speed and/or damage) to non-EX yoga blast. Currently they are useless and sometimes come out by mistake. 2) Damage buffs on Sim’s main AA moves (b+HK, b+MP) would be nice, enough that at least he wins or comes out even on more AA trades. 3) Damage buff on EX yoga flame so there is a reason to use it in combos again. 4) I still want an air-to-air version of Shangrila 5) Also, I second the suggestion to make Sim’s slides safe on hit… ffs

EX Yoga Flame damage back to what it was in Super + the new speed would be awesome
I can agree with a buff to regular Yoga Blasts (seriously the HK Blast buff giving a free juggle was a bad joke)

Air to Air Shangri’la might me a little too much.

something I would like is an “EX teleport” when you go to the other side of the screen (to escape corners safely). You can make it cost 2 bars like Seth’s EX Tanden Engine so it won’t be THAT abusable… That would help with the bad matchups

Sorry to kill your hopes guys but dhalsim will not get any buffs only nerfs lol. Everyone hates dhalsim (including me) and when he gets one slight buff everyone gets upset.

Take a look at what happened to him in AE. He got nerfed to the point where he can’t even compete anymore. You can clearly see how badly weakened this character is as few pro players dropped or thinking about dropping him.

Plus Capcom only cares about popular characters (cough akuma cough. cough ryu cough)

At least Akuma and Ryu are keeping up some semblance of a zoning game. Probably the only ones out of all likely tournament winning characters that can zone.

Lol you guys are so silly. “Our good matchups aren’t super lopsided, so let’s go ahead and break them. Cammy has some, why can’t we?”

Only one other guy here has a problem with that kind of thinking?

OK so I honestly don’t know the first thing about Sim, but why can’t you just buff one of your AAs to hit more vertically?

Abel beats him? I main Abel and Dhalsim is unbeatable for me. I always counterpick with Ken

Lol wut?
Abel is one of Dhalsim’s worst matchups, and Ken is one of the easiest ones for us…

I know, but I see it the other way around for me