Dhalsim Videos Thread

iyo videos!
http://gfb.combovideos.com/ thursday 7/7/5

Jap CvS2 matches from Kansai
Dexizuni (K - Cammy/Blanka/Sagat) vs Iyo (C - Dhalsim/Maki/Rolento)

Hamemu-min (K - Bison/Cammy/Sagat) vs Iyo (C - Maki/Dhalsim/Rolento)

Cet (A - Bison/Sakura/Blanka) vs Iyo (C - Dhalsim/Maki/Rolento)

right click -> save as

Uhhh, the vids cannot be rendered… I guess the files are too small.

don’t forget to right click and save as instead of just left clicking.