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Post videos of top players / new tech / or your own videos to get feedback.

What’s the easiest way to get replays from my PS4 onto YouTube?

You can directly upload them… just link a youtube account to PSN, edit the video so that is compressed and upload.

Here’s a few vids of my day 2 sim, ran a couple sets with a karin/chun player my anti air game is a work in progress and I’m botching iat a lot still :confused: , I also don’t know any combos except usual, so I got for top many throws aND gimmicks… but I have my moments.




Probably the most important thing you need to work on is your habit of overusing slides.
Slides are very situational, and extremely punishable. Against competent players you’re going to get completely destroyed if you keep that up.

Yeah good point, I honestly keep forgetting all his crouching kicks are slides lol.

Alright finally got to uploading some stuff

Here’s a semi-decent one against a Ryu what was about on my level, maybe a tiny bit higher

This one’s more important I’m afraid. Got zoned out and had no answer due to no IAT skills.

Just a few notes of constructive criticism…

-There are a lot of gaps in your pressure. You had a lot of opportunities for Okizeme or meaties that you missed out on. lp Yoga Fire on wakeup can be really hard to deal with when combined with enough normals or the threat of a grab, and keeps opponents from jumping in.

-Use his ranged normals more often, I saw almost no use of s.MP and s.MK when those are some of his best normals. c.MP is also a fantastic anti air.

-Learn how to IAT. j.HP is probably gonna be your best option more often than not while you’re coming out of a teleport.

-Retreat with teleport more often.

-Learn some of his basic BnBs.

My Dhalsim’s still pretty fresh, but if you ever wanna do some mirrors go ahead an look me up on the CFN. I’m always down for some sets.

the best dhalsim yet imo better than sabin at the moment

A quick set I had today vs a friend. This was my first time using Sim outside of training mode/random ranked matches, so all criticism is welcomed.

Wolfkrone vs filipinochamp $500 money match first to 10

Some of my ranked moments including cool combos and stuff

You folks care to give a critique and some pointers? This is a handful of crap from today, that gives a good range of my skill (and lack thereof) right now.

First off, I know I’m leaving a lot of damage on the table from missed execution. Missing the height on IAT, and the MP Flame often, almost always on b+mk. I’m grinding away in the lab a lot, but now trying to make an conscious effort to slow everything down which has helped a bit. ;

Probably giving up too much space, but the usual rushdown I go up against is staggering

I’m sliding way too much, especially c.LK. That move kinda sucks actually, but I end up getting c.LK into throw really often at this level. Been training the drills a lot lately, but sometimes since I’m on a hitbox I leave my thumb on jump too long and leave a floating aerial to be punished.

The Bison I played maybe 10-15 times today (sweet match making) and he destroyed me every round. I can just sit there and block, but never see the opening where I can punish. Been trying to b+MP more to AA in that match, but my timing is crap. That match is a real headscratcher, I’m not even salty.

Well, you posted this 19 days ago and I didn’t even have the game then so you’ve probably progressed a lot if you’ve stuck with Sim :). In these videos though you keep IATing and sliding when your opponent’s not doing anything. Both of these are unsafe and easy to react to so you should cover them with a fireball, or be reacting to something (IAT > j.hp > c.hp etc. is a great punish for fireballs). Slide is actually unsafe even on hit normally.

You keep throwing out pokes far too regularly too. If you spam s.mk repeatedly it will get punished as it leaves you -4 or 0 on hit (s.mp is -3 or -1 on hit).

I don’t think you ever b.hp anti-aired either. If you react to a jump early it’s pretty good as it crush counters and can be comboed into fireball.

Drilling seems like an important part of Sim’s game. Instead of throwing off of a drill, try s.lp > s.lp xx ex.flame as a good hit confirm. You can also b.mk xx mp flame. I think it’s good to mix it up with various jumps and v-skill.

Thanks for the reply! It’s nice to see some activity in the Sim forum.

I’ve been floating between 2800-3200lp now, so I like to think my Sim game is better, but it’s mostly the same except for better execution and a little better reads.

Honestly, I’ll still throw out raw IAT every now and then to see if they are smart enough to jab out of it. Surprisingly, not a lot of do it in the super silver ranks. It’s probably not actually upping my skill but it’s getting wins.

You’re definitely right about the pokes though, that’s something I’ve been focusing on lately. Higher skill opponents are punishing those quite a bit more now. It’s kind of funny how those are the quintessential Dhalsim moves and they are probably his worst.

One thing I’ve lost all my mileage on at this level is a blocked c.HP frame trap into another c.HP punish. People just hold down back against it now and I’m just like WTF? Maybe throw out a drill?

No worries. Yeah, hate how dead it seems. The game’s not even been out three months. I guess it’s partly to do with Sim’s popularity though, hardly run into any yet online - seems to be mainly a Ryu, Ken, Nash fest.

Good to hear it. To reiterate, I’ve been playing this game about a week in between a tight work schedule so I’ve only been able to grind to silver. I’m basically just using sf4 knowledge as a crutch so take what I say with a grain of salt =).

If they like pressing buttons following up with an ex.flame seems to catch quite a few people (and leads to a corner juggle). If they block you’re at -3, but out of jab range. I think drill’s a good option too so long as they’re not mash-happy (so many people mashing buttons online). It certainly keeps the pressure on. Forward jump, instant mk.drill is the way to go; it hits right on the toes so puts you at 8-9 frames advantage on hit and +3 on block.

yhc mochi vs hagejin


Switch up your game a bit in this case. If they respect after a blocked c.HP, you can try drilling if the spacing is right. You can try IAG. You can just flat out try to walk to their face and throw. Change your timing. Do c.HP, delay, b.MK xx mp flame to see if that will catch them. Try c.HP, walk forward, st.LP, b.MK frame trap/counter hit to see if they twitch to you walking forward, thinking you’re going to throw. Always dialing c.HP, c.HP or c.HP, b.MK will be too easy to read and they will just block.

yhc mochi ft10


And people say this is a 8-2 MU in Sim’s favor?