Dhalsim Videos

Who’s to say how how many games Hagejin lost though? These matches have clearly been cherry picked.


is this something that is practical in actual gameplay? stumbled on this today on youtube…

Torimesingo is struggling like hell vs this Gunfight IMO. there are probably 8 seperate fights vs this dude.
the interesting thing comes at the end of this match. This is thr first time ive seen someone finish an opponent with this i think. props to torimesingo…
Also i always thought that Torimesingo and Yhcmochi were top 2 dhalsims in the world…


yhc mochi vs tokido


Hello guys, here is a match with a drill corner mixup after EX yoga flame : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7M4sc0zyKJ0 please subscribe if you like what you see, more matches with live commentaries coming up soon with more tech!