Dhalsim Vs Abel

Not a pro, or anything :x

I haven’t played much as Dhalsim at SF IV, but I used him quite alot in ssf2t/xmvsf/mshvsf/svc. After seeing some vids I decided to train with him.

Computer matches, Computer on medium, picked Abel, knowing that he’s good for starters because he’s usually deadly when he’s on close range, and I should be fine keeping my distance.

Problem is, things started to become bad, and this is only computer on medium, pretty obvious It’s gonna be worse online.

I pretty much get beaten badly, even though I play from a long range [Yoga Fire/Flame, Super/Ultra Teleports, hp/j. hp and trying to slide on time when I see him roll]

Didn’t help much. Why?

  • His rolls are quite fast and giving him a great way to get to close range quickly. He also chains his throw sometimes from the roll. And I’m not even talking about EX… Once he’s close, you know what happens… Also helps him escape quite a few of my attacks

  • Can use his AA throw on my j. hp, even when I jump backwards while doing it

  • His wheel kick has a great priority. Can usually take over lots of Dhalsim’s moves [And once again, j.hp]

Those are the 3 main problems I have. Any tips? Usually I win only by ultra/super :confused:

Thanks in advance!

Edit: After some more training, I’m more of control, but still problematic.

computer abel is easy to beat with any char. just stand and do nothing and as soon as you see him roll, just throw. repeat till dead.

abel is my other main apart from sim and its kinda funny how he has such a crap representation by the CPU im sure it helped me get some early wins in with him when the game was still new

Guess you’re right about the computre thing, but what about a human Abel? Probably way more harder

Like Evil said, you can throw an Abel out of his roll. Usually thats the best way to avoid getting combo’d. Be careful about throwing fires once he gets Ultra, his ultra goes through fireballs (I think it works at full screen, but dont do it just in case he dashes forward and Ultras). I think human Abels will only AA throw your j.HP if you get predictable with it, I really dont think theres a way for someone to do it when you first throw it out. But even still, try not to use it too much. Block/Slide under the wheel kick and do whatever. I think if you block it you can just use one of the pseudo-block strings Sim has to get him out of range.

Yep, you need to play humans. The CPU will fall for a lot of predictable stuff, and punish some stuff a human never would. I can hardly ever think of a time I’ve been air thrown by abel in any game except as part if a combo.

use lp flame and pokes to keep him away, throw him out of rolls, back+hk as anti-air, slide/teleport/drill away if he get too close to you near a corner. Jump back HP seems to work quite well, pretty sure he’s got a frame or two you can hit as he recovery from roll if he chases you. Watch for ultra as has been said.

Once he got ultra dont poke him with HP… really dangerous!

I don’t like to throw out any fires in this matchup except at full range, and especially not when he has his ultra. It’s just too easy for him to roll past them. What i try to do is limb poke at him and shut down every other option. When he rolls, throw. When he jumps, AA. When he wheel kicks, slide under and punish.

I was about to make this post.

Today I lost on arcades to an Abel player that did nothing more than crossup, jab, foward+MK, dash, tornado throw
Then I’m on the floor and he crosses up again and begin from zero.
I jsut didn’t know that to do, Only safe thing I can do (id i’m not on the corner) is back dash after his foward+MK+dash but even then he recovers faster.
I tried to jump back a few times but he realized it and jumped+Fierce

Basically I was stuck like a training mode Dhalsim jsut eating his Tornado Throws. Any tips?

A good Abel will make you guess often with the Tornado mixups. This sounds horribly newb-ish, but sometimes I just hold up-back to jump out of Tornados. Falling Sky at the exact right moment will stop that, but hardly anyone attempts it as it leaves Abel wide open on whiff.

Don’t worry too much about eating Rekkas if he doesn’t have enough meter for FADC combos.

Light pokes are your friend - c.mp has a frame advantage on block which is crucial against Abel. This is one of the few matches where I am very careful with the staple fires and s.fierce zoning tools.

Jump back fierce is great too. It seems to lag a bit and hit Abel as he is recovering from a roll. Hardly anyone will even attempt to Falling Sky your air limbs.

Use Yoga Blast as an anti-crossup tool. It trades with a lot of Abel’s jump-in moves and will reset the positioning.

Another cheap gimmick is to FADC a fireball to bait ultra. This is a real Hail Mary kind of play, but it seems to work when the match is coming down to the wire and you just need one more hit to finish it.

even better counter for a rekka is to just go with a throw, if you can block the first hit of the rekka then u have just enough time to go for a throw before he recovers.

be careful about throwing out j.hp all the time against him, like you said, it is a good counter for rolls, but im sure im not the only abel player practicing grabbing the limbs it actually surprisingly easy to do once you practice for 20 mins as its v difficult to get close to a jmp.fp spamming sim

the backdash out of f+MK setup is good but yea u shud mix it up with jumps as well. also wouldnt a reversal timed KKK teleport work too? ive never tried it but in theory it would get u away from ALL of abels options provided ur not in a corner.

also from MAX range i dont think abel can hit with his ultra through a fireball. a shoto fireball extends the hitbox WAAAY beyond the hands and sim doesnt really have much forward gain on his fireballs illl try this tommorrow but yea anything under max range is not recommended. remember low attacks will stop abels ultra in its tracks too as his legs are vulnerable (not that any good abel will ever throw out a random ultra anyway

I’d personally rather eat a Falling Sky once a match and have the ability to stop forward movement.

Teleport works fine if Abel goes for a Tornado, but its recovery is slow and Sim ends up too far away for a real punisher. Also, there is no “true” reversal teleport. It is a bad idea a lot of the time versus Abel (and Gief, but for other reasons) because he can close the distance very quickly and you end up with your back in the corner.

You are right about Abel’s ultra. He can still walk forward a bit and connect, but a lot of non-pro Abel players judge the distance incorrectly. Be careful with ultra setups when Abel has ultra himself.

Jab/EX Yoga Flame works once in a while to stop rolls as well.

I like to b.RH them out of roll if they are going to get out of it in front of me. Free hit

Wait, sim can throw Abel if you block the first hit of the rekka? That’s pretty huge if true.

yea pretty much all of abels COD is punishable if you block it, you can easily backdash or throw out of it. ive even been SRK’d out of it even when the 1st hit connects due to the lag playing online.

decent abel players dont rely on it too much just as its such an unsafe move most of the time.

for me abel is a monster when he gets in and one combo off him can be deadly. i try to stay paiteant but get tornadoe thrown so i end up mashing teleport from db then i get fwd dash mk dash done on me =/

If anybody here is a solid Abel, please hit me up! My Sim really needs the practice. :smiley:


Does anyone know how to do when a close Abel cancels is COD (or f.mk) into:

  1. d.hp , ultra
  2. special throw


I haven’t find a good way to prevent both of them.
If I jump, I get hit by d.hp (the second hit)
If I tower, I get hit by d.hp (both hits)
If I backdash, the time is very strict, I normally get grabbed or hit by d.hp.

I could teleport, but my reflex should be ready enoght.
Any advices? I really don’t like guessing.

hmm maybe try and get the damage in before they start getting meter and then just zone out =/

if anyone in here wants Abel practice, im no push over with him and can give u good practice
i live in Northern California

Unfuckingbelievable. I was just going to say to the guy looking for Abel practice that you should look for Pyro911 on XBL if you want to feel the full extent of why the Abel/Sim match is 7-3 in Abel’s favor, and here he is. This cat is a bona fide Shiro/Rico Suave/Juicebox level Abel beast. Trust me you will get fucking wrecked.

Seriously this fight is bullshit for sim. Rufus is the only other character I feel sim goes 3-7 with, but the Abel matchup is 1000x more frustrating since he is so much harder, no, make that FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE to zone out thanks to his quick dash and roll. Fucking TT grabs sim from the main menu and takes a quarter of his life. Abel is the anti-sim. Only character in the game that makes me rage like FFFFFFUUUUUUUUU guy.

The only way I can win against good Abels is to be a teleporting, jumping, and back dashing-for-the-entire-fucking-round spastic retard. All the while chipping away at that 1100 HP with pathetic little 40 or 70 damage hits here and there, lest I leave a limb hanging and become dizzied after 1 combo + TT. I hate having to be completely on the run for an entire fight, and Abel is the only character I have to play against in such a manner. Now granted this is mostly because I’m a mid-level scrubby Dhalsim at best, but I can at least hold my own against any other character without having to be running away every second of the fight.