Dhalsim vs Balrog



Balrog is one of my worst match-up. Few thing i know against him:

  • Ex yoga fire is really good against him

  • df.MP not so bad AA from certain distance.

  • Yoga tower can avoid some of his move (but i don’t know when to use it)

  • His jap > most of dhalsim’s attack.

I seriously need help for this match.


Focus > Dash Punches
Keep abusing it, charging focus and dashing back, you’ll eventually hit a dash punch with your focus and combo


dont focus a balrog…you’ll end up eating a turn punch or the back to downforward kick armor breaking goofy move. Use the medium pokes more then anything when you want to push him back. Fp should only be used when at MAX distance otherwise one focus on your fp and hes right in your face. Also when a balrog continously ex dashes in u can actually grab him and toss him just before his punch makes contact. It’s very annoying and i’ve seen 2 dhal players do that intentionally to me ever. Get an early hit and force him to come to u the rest of the round playing extra defensive and spaming the medium pokes out your ass. Dont try to be cute with the teleports behind him either as one jab on reaction(which 90% of rogs do even bad ones) will take priority over anything u can toss from the air leaving u open to whatever mixup he so chooses. Not sure what else to say…ask more questions if u wish

All this is comming from a rog main btw


Keep away and react accordingly


Yoga Flame is armour breaking

This is a match-up that takes a LOT of practice against to learn to fight against Balrog


If they do the ex dash punch, slide into it and throw hehe. Don’t abuse, of course.


thanks guys.

But the most trouble i have against Balrog is when he jump with attack. AA is not consistent against him… Is worst than vs sagat j.mp or ken weird jump kick.


when he jumps in
you could always m.kick slide or focus dash back
also try to throw his TAP and Ex punches on reaction


Thanks, i will try mk.slide next time.

what do you mean by throw his tap (jap punch)?


HE MEANS THROW DAT NIGGA. you cant throw tap if its spaced far enough tho. FILIPINOCHAMP WHATSUP DHASLIM BROOOOOTHEEERrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


Yes, always throw EX rushes. It’s very easy, and it will mostly stop the ex rushes after a couple. You can also throw other rush punches, but it’s a bit harder.

edit; by throwing tap he means throwing him out of turn around punches.


Slide under balrog jumping in, he has no crossups. Timed right, you get a free throw. Good Rogs won’t TAP or rush punch from anyting but safe distance, but full screen EX punches are freeeee.


You dont get a free throw, anyone can tech a throw upon landing from a jump or a jump attack. Also be wary about trying to slide under his jump attacks because his jumping rh (i believe, always get rog’s jumping normals mixed up) hits your slide.


this used to work for me but doesnt anymore i dont think the good players would even use the punches that can be focus absorbed anymore


Thanks, your tips really helping me. Now im using ALOT more Medium Punch/Medium Kick for poking and FP only for punish him.

Today I tested slide against my friend Balrog. Here my conclusion after 10 matches:

  • I got hit (don’t know if he using j.HP or j.HK)
  • He tech throw
  • he land, spam lp and combo.

Sadly i forgot to record the matches. But he abuse the jump attack because he know i cant AA him. Jump, Mix-up with Straight jump, tick throw, abuse of his c.LP.

Turtle balrog is so easy… but I hate agressive one, especially those know how to deal against Dhalsim AA…


my main problem against Rog is this scenario:

  • me at the corner
  • Rog crouched at medium distance waiting me, and ready to do headbutt + ultra.

If I try a mk slide, he punishes me with the magic c.lp that seems have 0 frame startup online lol

If I try to jump, I’ll eat this headbutt.

If I teleport forward+ PPP, he will hit me with headbutt or HP/HK

If I spam fireball, he can jump and do a lot of damage if I get too predictable.

The only thing I think I shoul do is to poke with medium punch/kick, and hit fireball at long distance to gain some ground.

Any other advices?


My big problem with this matchup is that I straight up get overwhelmed and scurred.

TAP is an issue for me – it gets him in so quick, and if they space it well I really don’t know what to do (I can block, but I find things get tricky after a blocked TAP). If he’s TAPing close to me, I know I might be able to throw before the punch or I can db+Fierce as soon as I see the turn. I find it harder to avoid the TAP from a distance though – I try and s.Roundhouse in reaction to the turn, but so far it’s hit or miss for me.

One of my weakest matchups, easily. :frowning:


I hate this matchup almost as much as a good Rufus or Abel. The constant pressure fucking kills me every goddamn time. Even if I play 95% of the match perfectly all I have to do is not block 1 fucking overhead and it’s a wrap.

What I don’t understand is why sometimes I CAN’T throw EX punches, even when I know they are coming from a mile away. Is it that at a far enough distance the punch is already too far out and you just have to defend, like TAPs? I see people say you can throw every EX punch on reaction but I’ve eaten enough of them that unless they are right next to me I just block.


it takes pretty good timing to throw during their ex dash punches. i have not practiced that a lot, but i saw filipino champ do it on my cousin’s balrog (awakening16) and his rog was beaten. this is a hard match up for me also, eventhough i have someone to practice this with. i consider this match up 6-4 on rog’s favor. but what i usually do and seems to work on the lesser skilled rogs is use a lot of ex yoga fire and push them off with s. fp. but not in a predictable way, just mix it up. if i dont have ex bar, i use regular yoga which baits an ex dash punch, then i either use mk slide or rh slide to knock them down (usually do that when i have ultra for set up). after mk slide, i either go for some links (b. lk, b. lk, b. mk -> yoga fire) or i just throw. sometimes when im feeling brave, i do mk slide, b. mk, light yoga flame and if i have super, i link it. it works sometimes, but not all the time. also, don’t be afraid to iat eventhough they can headbutt you. just surprise them.

on their jump ins, i usually just slide with mk and either do any of the following i mentioned above. but for the most part, i try to go for the throw. hope this helped in some way.


That’s weird, because I find that slide gets me into a loooot of trouble in this match. Often times what I think is a “safe” slide ends up getting jab’d and combo’d.

When can you slide on Balrog? is there a safe distance to do it from where you can avoid getting jabbed afterwards? or do you just slide and block?