Dhalsim vs. C.Viper



A logistical nightmare for sims everywhere. Where do we start here? I guess the problem lies in our difficulty to zone her in a traditional way (fireball spam and punish the approach) so when she gets close her speed out weighs our priority. So our strength lies in our air game, but we can only attack once in air thus giving us a lack of viable options. Ideas? Videos? Suggestions?


Jumping strong is your friend


very difficult match, very


This is pretty much it in a nutshell. Time it right and you stuff whatever she can do in the air, which is all she has against you.


That and learn how to block cross-up burning kick.


jumping strong and jumping medium punch (though you mainly want to use jumping mp to stop her super jumps), you should be able to stop her flame kick move as well if your punch can land. Low guard on that quake move too if you happen to be not in the air. I actually don’t recommend using yoga fire too often as well. Sliding can be useful too for mobility and maybe avoiding some attacks if she’s in the air already. Generally, avoid getting caught in any combo’s (mainly starting with the quake or a super jump attack on you jumping full screen).


well i was going to post a new thread but didnt want to clutter up yalls sim thread, i dont have alot of experience with any good sim player, i am a very advanced viper player and im looking for a very advanced sim player to spar so i can learn the match up alot better, i know my shit im def not a scrub so im lookin for someone who knows how to play sim at an advanced level and puts the beat down on scrubs. i live in texas so plz nobody really far cuz i dont want super lag :stuck_out_tongue: send me a msg on xbl exmortis512 saying ur a sim player so i can add ya


Hey…on the ground she has plenty of stuff against Sim as well. LP knuckle and insta jump LK burn kicks to beat or trade with s.HP or c.HP. Who cares of j.MP stuffs her out of the air. It does no damage and it only works if Sim is doing everything else right and keeping a health lead. Dhalsim has to play pretty simplistically in this matchup just because most of the other stuff he can normally do in other matches puts him at risk to eat huge damage. He has to worry about Viper on the ground too since if she EX seismos or HP knuckle trades one of his j.HP’s he takes huge damage. You also have to be careful with your teleports since high jump insta burn kicks and EX knuckles can take you out of those and set you up for hella mind games. I think the match is either even or in Viper’s favor.


Yoga tower


If she does HP TK, on the ground BK, orSeismohammer you can iat on reaction and punish and if you play your cards right you’ll be out of EX Hammer Range. EX TK is a threat and you have to be aware of the super and playa little more cautiously.


Mix up jumps with Yoga Towers and empty backwards teleports to keep yourself safe from the ground pound move.

It is almost never safe to simply throw out a fire, but try to get one out whenever possible. Viper players are spastic and will rarely sit back and play defensively if you put weak pressure on them with fires. The only way to win this match is to force Viper to fuck up.

Don’t rely too heavily on slides to dodge the dreaded flame kick cross-up. Even if you don’t get hit (short slide is still vulnerable), a good Viper will tech your post-slide throw attempt every single time and it will leave them in an advantageous position.

Ultra set-ups work great against Viper. Jumping strong will stuff her super-jump escape attempts.

Throw a lot of weaker normals as pokes. Don’t fall back on standing fierce as your go-to move.

I am experimenting with using focus in this match. Somehow I feel like it will prove to be useful (like it is versus Fuerte), despite being extremely risky.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I doubt Viper cares much about 'Sim’s throw techs when she can just burning kick to dodge/counter it or give her frame advantage on block.


Yeah she can just burn kick on anticipation to sit on top of the slide or block the slide and then do LK burn kick which beats throws for free.


I just want to add something:

MK(the long range one) is good poke against her because most of Viper always want to jump or do something. So its keep her on ground.


I’ve played against a very good viper right now.
The result is really umiliating: 3 wins and 21 loses.

I really had no idea how to do against her mix-ups.
I absoluty cannot zone here because of her seismo and air burning kick.
When she hits with ex seismo, it’s a free ultra for her (instant burning kick in the middle makes me in juggle state).

I thought I have no chance to win a match until I try a totally different strategy and I collect 2 wins in the last 5 matches.

Is it difficult to defense?

So let’s try to attack and fuck zoning.

LK and MK slide are the best MOVES dhalsim have:

they counter super and all normal seismo, if done really close they counter EX seismo!
they make safe Dhalsim from some crossups
They cannot be hit by thunder knuckle!!!

Try to do meaty mk slide and safe lk slide mixed with:

  • throw
  • xx yoga fire
  • b.lk (can be punish with ex seismo)
  • b.mk (can be punish with ex seismo)
  • instant j.hp overhead (nice, but I’ll go far)

I suggest to go in training mode and to study the right timing to make a decent pressure with close limbs. I think this can be a good key to surprise a lot of Vipers.

Don’t let her play and breathe!


Attack method works well online but…

Yesterday in an offline tourney I got raped by a Viper, she was jumping a lot, and I ate too much ex seismo. I need to pratice more.

I’m still waiting some tip/trick to help with this horrible matchup.
I think that trying only to zone means certain death.


I do not like using instant overhead. You may get some damage, she gets a free super jump into either reset you out of the air, hit you on the tripguard, or just start a safe blockstring. Not matter what she’s in your face for free.


I’m pretty much free to this particular viper at my local tournament scene. It doesn’t help that I’m already demoralized before our match even starts.:sad:


You could check out this playlist. Sabin is a very skilled US Dhalsim playing in Japanese arcades at the moment.



Got beasted 0-8 by a pretty good Viper player today. I was completely stumped; didn’t even win a single round off him.

Rarely have I felt so powerless. I need more experience with this match-up. Too bad no one plays her online :frowning: