Dhalsim vs Makoto



This is one of my worse matchups for some reason with Dhalsim.

Mainly due to the fact that a Makoto player with common sense knows that with her unusually short ranged attacks (excluding the very quick Hayate) she has to get inside quick to do major damge. And Makoto can do that easy, quick, and very well. So she never sits still to be zoned.

So far what I learned through various wins and ass kickings is the following.

Makoto’s air game is poor with only one exception to her command kick which has little to no range compared to an airborne Dhalsim. Proceed with a.mp or if at good place above a.hp as usual.

Her Ground game and exceptional corner game will leave you baffled if knocked down so use many wake up teleports

If you play well enough you shouldn’t have to worry about her choking you being most likely you’re in the air however when choked it’s most likely you’re gonna see a Seichusen Godanzuki or Abare Tosnami right after. So if by the slight chance they mess that timing up teleport command back immediately! And punish.

Her jump in is terribly and predictable because it usually revolves around her command kick or her really stunted normals AA (yoga blast is more suited due to her jump height) her back and throw in a landing s.hp for spacing and damage purpose. Or slide under her with the neutral slides and make her look confused when she lands on a s.hp, yoga fire, or even a U1.

Her Hayate is a good move with little (if any invincibily) And Yoga fire is a fireball that tells them why they shouldn’t use it too often :stuck_out_tongue: how ever beware it’s difficult to defend against when she’s up close on you or in semi-close proximity >.< Teleport as necessary.

And throw in Dhalsim’s solid mix-up + offense and a Makato match should go well in your favor. Just don’t foot race her…

This is what I experienced in my fights with her using Dhalsim


I played a very skillful Makoto player yesterday. He knocked me out of the tournament. I had the luck to play him for about an hour straight afterward and was able to basically get his number and win 6-7 in a row with occasional losses in between.

Everything that she has is free to focus except the chop and I think the ex tsurugi. I ended up focusing a lot. I use a lot of feint attacks (db.lp, etc) since he really wanted to dash through my limbs.

A stand, fortify and defend approach seems to work pretty well until she gets close. Makoto effing with you in a corner is a terrible place to be. I was able to land a number of surprise instant U2’s when I was trapped in the corner. Oh, by the way. I have a very strong feeling that U2 is the right ultra for this match. You can catch jumpins (which are often necessary for her to do in order get in.

Crouching LP really rules in this match. Try it. I was doing boxer style jab jab jab shit from half screen away and there wasn’t a lot that he could do about it. A lot of times a c.LP can ruin their attempt at dashing, doing a move, or poking resulting in a moment of stun where they figure out what happened in which you can punish them with a stronger normal.

Naturally, all priority is on keeping her out as opposed to doing damage. If she gets in you lose unless you get lucky.

If she has Ultra 2(and why wouldn’t she?) then you can sometimes bait it out of her with a fireball -> fadc forward. They generally expect you to dash backwards and do the full screen version of the ultra. Your forward dash will go under it easily.


Any tips on close combat? and in close combat in the corner?

Not in the corner, she cannot abuse the command grab because it has a poor range and seems has not invincibility.
In the corner it seemes she can connect a bunch of st.mp, and mixup with command grabs. the st.mp often punishes jumps :frowning:

Maybe b.lk and b.mk can be very good but I need to test them and understand when I can use them.


She seems very susceptible to lk slide -> lp flame as she wants to respond to everything. Her s.MP -> hayate feint -> s.MP allows her to keep on the pressure without getting pushed back.

Flame also solves the makoto armor / focus issue. In that both are super great.


Surprised this thread doesn’t have many posts, I definitely feel like this is dhalsims WORST match-up(yes, even worst then yun). she gets in so easy with focus and EX hayate, im always hesitant to throw out a limb because she can focus cancel dash in so fast and CHOKE me before my limbs even have time to recover. IMO i just feel like sim cant do jack shit in this match up. Throw fireball? Ultra 2. Yoga sniper?EX hayate will catch you on the way down.Limbs?Focus and choke or any other combo. Even anti airing her is a bitch with that axe kick. Makoto just has an answer for everything sim does. I hope more people post more info on the makoto matchup, because this match up is hopelessX_X.


Yea… it’s not his worst match-up and it’s not hopeless. Stop throwing out limbs that take forever to recover. if you need to keep people out you can use crouching jabs. They recover very quickly. Standing LK is probably his best overall poke =) Don’t do big heavy things that take a long time to recover and you can respond to most anything that she has. EX hayate gets stuffed by quick little normals like this. Don’t do standing FP much because she can counter with s.MP -> EX hayate and be on top of you. Crouching MP and crouching FP are immune to st.MP.


after learning this match up better i want to say i might off exaggeratted the makoto match up against sim to much haha:sweat:. just wanted to throw out there that light yoga flame is very good in this match up and makoto cant do much about it. also yeah try not to use st hp alot unless she is LITERALLY FULL SCREEN AWAY, otherwise just do what Shawn said.


gamewizard, so what are your findings on this match-up? I haven’t vs any Makotos yet so I can not comment on this matchup yet but as soon as I find anything useful I will let you guys know : )


There are 2 situations in which standing FP are always a bad idea. 1) When she’s full screen. 2) When she’s close. When she’s full screen s.FP can whiff and she can s.MP -> EX hayate on reaction to score a knockdown and also be completely on top of you. I recommend trying to forget s.FP in this match-up as much as possible.


imo this is just as bad as yun when played correctly…