Dhalsim vs Ryu/Ken

Hi there ! i’m new and i have bad times vs Ruy and Ken.
Against the other charachters i’m playing my normal game but i just can’t against them.

Here is my problem :

1- They play defensively spamming fire and they wait i do a mistake.

2- Over aggresive and after some kicks and punchs they spam shoryuken.

Or they play both.

How can i create some space here, i’m often cornered.

Thanks for reading :wgrin:

P.S : sorry for my bad english…:confused:

fireball spam, well use yoga tower and drills and stay back, if they don’t hit you, your not loosing anything.

use standing short and crouching jab and when they jump in aa them with round house
not really a tough match-up unless you play top of the line players.

Ugh, I just took an 8-2 beating to Karamba (MTL’s best Ryu player), and I realized that as much as I know the theory behind the matchup, I still can’t win yet when a top notch Ryu is rushing me the fuck down.

Yeah but any hit i do to them is an automatic shoryuken as a defense…

You’re probably being predictable.

There’s no reason to ever be hit by uppercut after uppercut. If they’re the type of player who throws tons of uppercuts (and I thought all of these guys were gone by now), you should be trying to bait those SRK’s out and punish them. Against guys like this, basically just don’t push buttons.

Fireballs interrupt with s.HP. Otherwise normal limb and fire zoning. Principal of Dhalsim: keep your opponent away.

Random bits Noobie level advice below:

Fireball wars with Shotos (perhaps minus Akuma) are great. You build meter faster from your fireballs than they do. Plus you have more options to avoid their projectiles if you get behind. Just look out for the ex-balls; tower, slide, or drill to avoid them.

Don’t throw out standing fierce unless you either have a jab yoga fire backing it up, or you have them mindfucked. Standing fierce at the right time beats fireballs and start up on hurricane kick, but if you’re too predictable, you’re eating a DP. For the same reason, don’t be too mindless with jumping HP.

A gimmick on shoryuken happy shotos and Sagat: if your spacing is right, you can jump in, bait a dp, back PPP tele, and punish the DP.

In general, do not port in unless you:

  1. are playing someone much worse than you
  2. you can counter hit off of their fireball delay into super
  3. have a really good reason to do so

You want to be keeping them out, going in doesn’t help you much.

Be careful throwing fireballs at ~75% screen range. Ryu can HK hurricane kick on reaction. If you let him do that, he got in for free. If you bait a hurricane kick, either far HP at range or crouching HP if he’s near. Do not block the first hit, it will give him a free 50/50. Make sure you go to full crouch fast.

You must anti air every time they jump in on you. Learn which anti air should be used at what range. You can not afford to miss these. Not only are they free damage for you, but it keeps them out. Noob shotos also get really confused by a Sim that doesn’t let them jump for free. I’ve had idiots jump in on me over and over again until they were dizzy (lol).

b.lk, b.mk are two of your best close pokes. If he gets in, use these to buy some space.

just wanna add, there is a range where ryu’s j.hp will beat your knee cleanly.

also, learn the range where you can trade fireballs with fierce on reaction.

Thanks for your replies guys !

Another thing i like to do :

Crouch + MK >> Throw

I do this move too often and i put myself in bad situations.
I have some problems when they are not close enough to hit me, but close enough to jump in if i do any medium poke… (i’m not even thinking about fireballs that’s a big mistake).
So here i am trying to shut some mistakes down ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Fireball wars should be in your favor, slide under them with mk.slide. If they throw slow ones, then tower those too and you’ll have some time to close in a little bit of distance. If they keep moving back, then that’s good for you because then they’ll be cornered. Usually after one slide from the opposite side of the screen, you should be in range to use Fierce punch. If they jump towards you, then knee them. On wake up, try to immediately IAT backwards, you can usually get a reversal and avoid their attack and go back to playing defensively with no problem, unless they try cross ups in which you should try to guard the right way. It’s safest to assume they might jump at you so before you do any attacks at mid-range, be sure to wait for their actions to happen first and don’t get grabbed.

Thanks amsalp :slight_smile:

Only mix-up with this option, don’t use it every single time. If a good Shoto recognizes that youre reversal teleporting every time, all they have to do is time a hurricane kick on your wakeup to catch you coming out of that teleport. They can even dash forward -> sweep, or just walk right up to you and grab you. You’ll never see this shit against a scrubby shoto, but a good one is gonna force you to block at least sometimes on wakeup.

When playing ryu or ken what do you with after you block a hurricane kick.

It seems that they have moves like DP that come out so fast, I can’t stop the DP from coming out. If I have a predicatable player that always DP after hurricane kick I just black after the kick and then punish him.

What gets me into problems is good players that the hurricane kick might DP which case I block and punish, or they might throw me while I’m sitting there crouch blocking.

So I’m asking what do you guys do after blocking hurricane kicks.



this is the same situation when he cancel a DP and instant forward dash to you when you’re still in blockstun.


  1. throw
  2. dragon punch
  3. low attack (combo)

Possible solutions:

A) standing tech (done a little bit later): prevents 1) and 2) cause you’ll tech or block.

B) back dash: prevents 1) and 3)

C) crouched tech: prevents all, but it’s the most difficult escape.

D) Teleport away: prevents all of them, but never do it in a corner, or be predictable

Normally not good player do not use 3), so you can simply use A) .

basically you should avoid having to block a tatsu. if they do it randomly to get over fireballs, duck under it and punish with db.hp. there really is no situation where you should be forced to block it.

Ducking under it and punishing with throw is a lot better IMO :chat:

A good tactic to employ against a fireball spamming ryu/ken is yoga tower/slide and j.HP OR you can jump over the fireball and throw out your HP which will connect with them aslong as theyr in the fireball motion. When a ryu/ken throws out a fireball and ends up with a fist in the face he will not be happy and will look to rush you down, which is when you employ your j.mp/ b.HK. If they get in then you need to backdash/ teleport back- get out of there! If they score a knockdown, it can be hard, ryu/ken have l.srk, throw, cross-ups, blockstrings, and they will all be hard for sim to react to once down, but dealing with that is what makes a good sim!

That just might be the worst option. Misjudge the distance and you will whiff your throw and get punished for your troubles.

I’ve been having problems with shotos spamming air tatsu to get in close lately. (I’m not very good - G2-E). Any tips for this?

b.rh beats out certain spacings, and if your certain they’ll go over you just slide under and react to what they do after, because if you go for a limb as they recover they can beat it out since air tatsu recovery is very fast and deceiving.