Dhalsim vs The King of Shotos (Ryu)

These matches are absolutely abysmal for me when it’s a good Ryu behind the sticks. Ryu is the best shoto in the game but doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some ways for Dhalsim to really get in and have his way.

A few tips and tricks I picked up :slight_smile:

  1. Ryu has a solid zone game in his Hadokens and Dhalsim has slight recovery time after his yoga fires, where as Ryu can keep chucking them. Meaning a fireball war is NOT recommended for Ryu.
  • A good way to really keep your self from having a Hado-lunch in the face is trade projectile per projectile and when the fire balls get close throw an ex-yoga fire to reset the distance.

  • Neutral jump and Air quick d.hk to keep your position and be ready for the next fireball

  • d.mk slide is an easy way to slide under them and close the gap on Ryu, even when dealing with a picky Ryu who loves EX’s more than Usher in his love songs :nono:, don’t waste all your yoga EX’s on them. Quick, good, distance, and can close the gap between you and Ryu very quickly.

  1. Ryu plays some hard offense with hard hitting high priority normals. Zone him immediately!
  • Start of the match begin with a good poke preferably the s.mk it’s quick and an easy hit to put distance and dash back to begin zones.

  • If he walks toward you DO NOT approach him unless you wanna get your jaw re-aligned with a Metsu Shoryuken :nono:(or other horrible things he does with his fists). Dhalsim has more than enough pokes to throw even the heaviest offensive Ryu on a fritz. Throw in mainly s.mk and s.mp but mix it up and keep the walk-in and kick ass tactic in check :tup:

  1. Spin kicks: unsafe yoga fires (duh) instead do the following.
  • s.hp to put spacing back between you two.

  • Yoga Knee as I call it (b.hk) but not recommended due to how close this lets Ryu get to you.

  • a.hp to again increase the spacing and cause a good concussion or two :slight_smile:

  • crouching mk or hk slide right under him lol and perform a yoga tower when you’re done just for kicks, but if not a show boat punish him with a got s.hp

  1. Air spin kicks are and his annoying way to get inside and begin his barrage of savage anal rape. They help him float but Dhalsim isn’t afraid of that. :bgrin: How to solve this one.
  • If they spin at the start of his jump his animation will end before he lands so depending on which kick you can meet him in the air with a teleport surprise a.hk or another surprise aerial. This tactic isn’t reccomended due to the precise timing it takes.

  • Mid jump spins are gonna land on his ending frame so if they’re near you, move away before the landing and projectile or poke as needed

  • End jump spins are usually there to mix you up. Don’t fall for it. Instead Back up or teleport (and wait for the inevitable shoryuken or Hadoken) and punish with a good poke or fire to the face.

  1. Ryu’s corner Game

If you happen to get cornered by this character my experiences incline me to tell you to get raped, bandage yourself up, and learn what you did wrong. :wtf:

What happens: Ryu will barrage you will everything he has in which you are gonna be penetrated and punished severely.

Luckily There’s an app for that:

Land teleport > Air Teleport why?: Because as fast as Dhalsim can attack out of it Ryu can pre shoryuken the hell out of you into a U1 or even worse just U2 you. :tdown: Land teleport gives you a chance to guard yourself against him for a short bit and teleport again to a safer spot (accross the screen that way —>) and reset the field. :bgrin:

Throw him > Attacking Why?: Simple Ryu will kick your ass in a combo fight. so Throw him either way and flip the tables on him and begin a barrage of your own :wink:

Back normals > Neutral Normals why?: If you choose to attack anyway you his back normals for quicker animations and his combos. My favorite being a stand b.hp cancel to h. yoga fire for spacing or crouching b.lk cancel to h.yoga fire :smiley: that’s just me though.

So this is what I’ve learned from various trial and failures I hope this helps with whoever needs it :encore:

I disagree on a few.

First i want to get in a fireball war V.S almost any if not any character. You can trade a standing fierce with hadoukens all day and that is a good trade for sim.

When he does his tatsu i always db. fierce him as it does good damage and comes out in plenty of time.

Be careful always teliporting out of dangerous situations because ryu can tatsu if he’s expecting it. Other cast members have things they can also do so i would definitely be weary of doing that each time.

For me the ryu matchup is all about fundamentals. Proper AA and zoning. I believe this is a 6-4 match up in sim’s favor.

As for throwing. Ryu has very easy ways into a combo and most of the combo’s can lead to ultra. Sometimes you have to just block.

I agree on the standing mp and mk. I also add in standing shorts as well as i think that is one of dhalsim’s best keep away pokes.

When he’s close i recommend B.short b.mk (sometimes into yoga fire) to create space. Sometimes i use b.short d.short into yoga flame, but that can be punished if they see it coming as well.

The only problem i have with this matchup anymore is when they start using ume shoryu. Which can be a pain as i have to be more careful with my pokes.

True I agree with you on his tatsus because that’s tohe mainly problem I have with him being really difficult. He get’s in close and after that it’s hard to predict or react usually sometime I just slide under them.

And the Fireball war man I always use a light yoga fire so I end up snacking on Hadokens unless I throught in an ex. but you’re right the s.hp is a good trade but sometimes I really gotta nail that timing down

The Land teleport is what I recommend highly because you can block out of it and reset that’s a key for this fight to get in and out

That’s simply not true. Ground ports have a ton of recovery. Really low IATs are much safer. Neither are really a good way of getting out of the corner, though.

A lot of your advice is really pretty bad against a Ryu playing at above beginner level.

I applaud the effort you put into this but it’s a lot of bad and incontextual (is this a word?) information.

I start off about half of the rounds I play against shotos the same way — I neutral jump.

This allows me to time a fp to counter a dp or a fireball, to mp a jump-in attack, and also allows me time to react to a hurricane kick (I usually use fk spear for that). I’ve never seen another Sim use this technique, and I find it very useful. Give it a try occasionally. Even if your opp KNOWS you’re going to neutral jump, you have time to react to EVERY move they do. Worse comes to worse, if you neutral jump and are unsure at the last minute, just teleport away and react accordingly.

I fear no shoto.

I usually do these tactics cause I’m an unorthodox Dhalsim. I get alot of hate mail over it from other Dhalsim’s I kicked the crap out of too XD

I’m gonna try that Neutral jump strategy sometime over the startup mk (usually that’s a really easy first attack to the startup hadoken but not the Hurricane kick >.<)

And thanks for the critique though guys I’ll write a better one on some more experience maybe later. But it’s oddly about 50/50 that I lose to a good Ryu so I just showed the tips I used

Hit me up anytime on the PSN for a match we can compare strategies and match up…because I happen to be a Ryu player too

Can’t really take any risks at the beginning of the match up. I always just move full screen away at the start so then I can try to build up meter in a fireball war. Tatsumaki can be yoga towered entirely and it gives you a free hit. Just don’t throw fireballs to the point where it’s obvious they can tatsu you (just as you can teleport mix up Ryu on a fireball if you plan ahead) because yoga fire doesn’t have very good recovery.

Jumping neutral at start can be a bit risky if they focus through one of your moves. Use every move you have at your disposal and do not spam your normals that often, even if you are in range or you will get srk’ed. Always bait a jump in or bait their ground movement towards you if you know they won’t jump towards you. At the ranges you can anti-air, you should always be in control.

I thought even as a sim n00b i was really getting comfortable with this match-up.

Until i played this Ryu yesterday. Hard to tell his overall skill because 1. he had no PP and 2. He spammed DP incessantly

He seemed like he knew what he was doing mixed in with scrubby spam. He hit a few 2f links (cr. mp ~ cr. hk) and FADC’ed really well. He’d jump in at just the right spot for b.hk to whiff and that’s where the fun began. dp mash after dp mash. Mixed in with throws. Argh!!! I tried to tele, i get a hurricane as if there is some magical dp > hurricane o_s. Now in the corner it was over in 10 seconds. Like he knew when I’d block or poke.

I’ve played some 3000PP Ryu’s before with sim and never got waxed this bad. Just a humbling moment left my head hanging there like wtf?

I absolutely get brutalized in this match up. It’s so disheartening to go for b. hk and then get slammed with a 3 hit or more combo. I guess I can’t always go for b. hk and need to learn the distances of sim’s other anti airs.

also i tend to panic when they get close and end up mashing crouch tech out of habit. i heard on a Arturo on a podcast say to use b. lk because it has 3 frames to get you out. gotta remember to do that more. hard to break bad habits. i blame sf2 turbo. haha. i’d always get away with mashing throw in that game.

oh yeah, also, not really sure what to do against a ryu player who’s going to neutral jump with mk and then jump again to bait a crouch tech. anyone got any suggestions? I guess i just need to not crouch tech and use b. lk in that situation too?

n.j shenanigans i tend to back dash.

Oooo I gotta try that out then. Thanks!

It’s no joke that your can be caught with SRK pretty freely. It’s important to

  1. feign attacks using db.LP and db.FP. this can make them spaz and SRK. It makes reacting to your attacks much harder.
  2. mix up your behavior so that you’re not easy to read. don’t use the same method to dodge fireballs, etc
  3. prevent yourself from poking constantly, if you poke constantly they can easily tell when to SRK
  4. punish those whiffed SRKs. Get to know your range for the s.FP and learn the timing so that you can punish their SRK spam. If you wait too long they’ll just SRK again and hit you, so you gotta land it before that can happen. If they’re full screen you can walk forward a bit for the sake of improving your spacing. You always want to be just BARELY within s.FP range.

It may sound weird, but feigning attacks and mixing your behavior is the best way to improve your game… especially in this matchup where ryu can easily punish your game with a SRK or a tatsumaki.
Against a fireball, do a yoga tower sometimes then change to a neutral jump + d.MK to gain some space, then a cf.MK… it’s really confusing for your opponent…

The most important thing to know is that if you do the same thing each time… Yoga tower, slide, jump, etc… your opponent can set up a gameplan. If you do them randomly then they have to guess and it’s in your favor.

hi guys, i nid advise at the corner on wakeup when ryu has a ex bar. When i try to cr. tech slam, i will get hit by ex tatsu=> ultra…if i cr block, he will slam me. how to get over this mind game. I saw fchamp try to tech and when daigo did extatsu, his cr. lp stuck out and stopped his extatsu, nt sure if ihad seen it wrongly…any ideas guys?

If you crouch tech with dp.LP instead of the usual bp.LK (you’ll have to p-link LP~LK) it’ll trade with EX Tatsu but you’ll stay grounded instead of fly (you’ll be hit only once), so he can’t Ultra you.
Maybe after AE and his now-godlike db.MP you can do the crouch tech with db.MP+LP+LK but this one I never tested.

Has any shoto player ever started the round by walking towards you?

hi hardcore, thx for ur advice. but im nt a very technical person. i dont get exactly wad u mean. in simpler terms, do u actually mean that instead of holding db and pressing lp+lk at the same time, i have to now hold db and press lk then lp? Or is it press lp then lk?

You hold db and press lk+lp ALMOST at the same time, but the lp need to be pressed a bit before. Just like a p-link in a combo.