Dhalsim Vs Vega (claw)

Hey guys, yes, you read right- Dhalsim Vs Vega lol.

You might think this fight relatively straight forward (what with most players agreeing on Vega being one of the weaker characters not having one up on anyone) but I for one am struggling against a few of his moves as sim. One move in particular is his wall jump into suplex grapple thing lol. When he EXs it, dhalsim gets flipped and the suplex just comes out- unavoidable. Is the initial EX that flips sim into the air a block high?? Also, the suplex itself when used is avoidable in which way? On wakeup I tend to attempt to block the claw overhead/crossup- but the better vegas are catching me with that suplex whether I jump back, forward, up, or try to teleport (except IAT, but its tricky on wakeup) I CAN slide out of harms way, but he usually tags me with a claw and scrapes my fragile epithelial tissue lol.

Fireball/IAT setups are too risky, as the second he see’s a fireball, he wall jumps and tags me.

I have varied luck with jumping back and keeping him at arms length (sorry) with s.mp whilst in the air- but he will eventually get wise and use his EX “flip-you-on-your-back-like-a-turtle-and-suplex-you”

I also have varied luck with my anti air options, but again, a well placed wall jump suplex, or EX will put me down for the count.

Throwing out limbs here and there whilst on the ground is also a risk, with Vega having good range on his focus attack.

I’ll apologise before hand if theres a massive “Vega vs Sim” thread already out there- I had a quick thumb through the forums and couldnt find anything, not specifically on these issues anyway.

The Spaniard with the claw and phantom of the opera mask is my only real nightmare opponent at the minute, so any help would be greatly appreciated! :tup:

Mk slide under wall dives not on wake up. Reversal teleport for ones on wake up. Be agressive. He needs space as much as you.

I have an easy time with Vega. Jumping medium punches destroy his wall dive. His claw dive, not so much… but those are stopped by fireballs. When he has meter, just make sure you don’t jump for the hell of it, as you said… you will get hit. I find lots of fireballs really help out. There’s very little he can do that screws me up. If he jumps at you, I find back HK to be a fantastic anti air. If he tries to cross over, then back MP. Most the people I’ve seen so far just spam the shit out of wall dives, which is the last thing they should do against Sim.

Well, Vega may be the worst character in the game, but he is not bad against Dhalsim. I prefer AA him air-to-air, with j.mp, j.hk or j.hp always on reaction. If Vega is charged and has ex meter, you should never jump. I like to poke him with s.mk (I like to poke everybody with it, indeed). If you knock him down you can bully him, he has nothing but back dash against meaties.

I only use IAT to evade, almost never to attack, he has good escape options.

Yeah, I think its down to the simple fact that I rarely play Vegas, and as a result, haven’t built up enough experience against him, so im not 100% sure what to do against him when I see him!

Thanks for the tips guys, will implement the fireballs, pokings and anti air options more, as opposed to jumping, teleporting, and trying to setup IAT mega combos 24/7 lol.

Guess its time to find me a Vega sparing partner! Hehe.

I’ll just say this last thing… when you see a vega online (and there are more out there than you think), just fireball and jump medium punch. Those are the TWO things you are going to whore out for a while. :wink:

vega is one of my worst
i just dont like to play against him
and if it happens and i play against him i spam him with teleport HP

Yeah played 3 today on a mad 3 hour spree- won all 3, although 2 were absolute trash, the other was very very good by normal standards! He spammed out the backflip whenever I tried to zone him, and he interpretted my IAT combos with godlike ability! Got lucky though in the end with a fireball that he decided to simply block low which set me up for an IAT crossup bnb into super followed by my ultra into another bnb IAT- bit of fortune never goes a miss though :slight_smile:

One of the best strategies you’ll find when facing Vega., until he wises up to it.

Another thing, be careful when he has Ultra. Like Abel and Chun, Vega can Ultra on reaction to your fireball and tag you with it. Like any hit, it hurts Sim.

I don’t think anyone answered this but the EX wall dive has to be blocked high while you’re on the ground. If you’re in the air, he can clip you and launch you if you don’t hit him. Vega doesn’t have invulnerability leaving the ground so he can be hit if you anticipate him using it.

Once you’ve been hit with the EX wall dive, its a free suplex. If you block it, there’s no difference between the ex wall dive and regular wall dive. One of his easier combos is to df. HK to leap kick and launch you and he can then combo into the ex wall dive + suplex.

This is exactly why I NEVER throw fire against Vega below half life (either of us). I just wait for the ultra flash and teleport somewhere. Usually the teleport comes out on time so that I’m close enough to land s.HP. I’ve never been hit by Vega’s Ultra as Dhalsim.

Somewhat new of a Dhalsim player here, but been maining him for the past couple weeks to change things up.

Have been player matching against a VERY good claw player almost daily. It’s a very tough match but after something like 50 sim vs. claw matches I’ve learned quite a bit I could share:

Unlike most match-ups where I’m zoning people out, I feel like you need to take the fight to Vega more than you usually would, especially early on. Standing medium P and K are your good friends.

Standing back to play Yoga Fire games will give Vega Cross-up Wall dive opportunities. After landing a couple of those be prepared for fake cross-ups too. I don’t even like to get in this situation so if Vega doesn’t approach me first I slide in and start to poke asap.

Now talking about Vega’s Wall dive and EX dive, i’ll tell you what does and doesn’t work because I’ve experimented with it all:

The best solution I’ve found to evade AND punish is short or medium slide. These get me far enough and fast to about mid screen if I start when Vega jumps to the wall and it works out one of two ways. One, he goes for the dive and misses, has this recovery step jump where i can s.hp him. Two, he FAKE dives and goes down on his side of the screen with the same result.

Usually scenario two only happens because I’ve been jumping mp stuffing some of Vega’s wall dives. Jumping MP is a great way to stop some of them but don’t use it near as much as your slide because they can get you hit by an EX and possibly get you into trouble with the bait game.

Teleporting, kind of works, but not my first choice. If I do it too late and he is already crossing me up I pretty much stay in the same spot and still get hit. Even if I do teleport safely out there is no chance for punish!

Also EX Blast does NOT work, comes in too high and will get you crossed up everytime


I use them very early in the match and SPARINGLY after. As said before, if Vega has revenge meter and you throw a fireball from ANYWHERE you WILL get hit by his Ultra. So Vega revenge meter = NO fireball. Have gotten hit by EX Dive the same way by being too close and chucking fire.

Also, I have gotten myself hit by EX wall dive by walking back and forth. Had to force myself to be deliberate in my forward progess as I walled in Vega. Wiggling back and forth while watching for what Vega was doing and NOT what I was doing got me hit by EX dive because it is so fast.

When you slide in and put the pressure on USE YOUR BACK LK and MK!!! They stuff a lot of vega attacks, no reason not to. I find myself not using them near as much as I should, and when I get a few satisfying stuffs on him in close quarters I always think Why am I not doing that more?

so those are my few random thoughts on Vega, if you are on PC msg “sticky icky gooey” or “sticky ickey gooey” for a good vega match

A bad to mediocre Vega is an easy fight for Dhalsim.

If the Vega is any better than mediocre though, you’ve got to work hard to beat him. My Vega personally doesn’t have much trouble Vs most any Dhalsim I’ve ever come across.

The problem is that Vega doesn’t need to take risks. He can just sit back and jump your fireballs, and if you try to take the initiative with a crossup teleport, that’s a free st.Rh for him.

In tandem with his good walk speed, good jump speed, great air normals+air grab, anti-fireball ultra, some good EX moves, this all means you have to be cautious against a patient Vega.

Good shit, applesauce.

Some video reference:



That Vega really pressured Dhalsim a lot more than I was used to seeing. The guy I was playing turtled up mostly

I used to just slide all his wall dive claw things I don’t know what it’s called, but the kick version of the claw he can steer into my slide. What do I do?

I have found that you should do a focus as soon as you see Vega go towards a wall. After you focus asbsorb the wall dive you can dash away from Vega. You will quickly fill your revenge meter this way.

Beware though once they catch on they will start going for wall dive throw version which will catch your focus, but a scrub vega usually goes for the attack.

…so is anyone else noticing all the vegas recently? In vanilla id run into one like every 20+ matches. Now im gettin like 3 in a row, and most of them just spam his wall dives.

It is because his theme rocks.

Some tips for this matchup:

  • always use U2. It can punish all wall dives. Just IAT before he lands and then use Ultra.
  • his rolls can be grabbed on reaction
  • never use j.hp overhead if opponent has U1 or an EX bar.
  • be patient. This is one of the few matchups where Sim could be forced to attack.
  • take care with his medium distance moves. They seems faster then yours.
  • Use slides. They cannot be hit by his DP.
  • If he jumps in the corner (the double jump) you can U2 him before he lands.

Which teleport you should use vs dive kicks?
I suggest forward KKK IAT. 90% of times you will be in front of opponent (not always unfortunately).
Without U2, I usually use j.hp then s.hp (170 dmg), because the distance can vary, and rarely you can use bnb.
j.hp then hk slide is good too, but sometimes opponent could block the second hit so you’re totally unsafe.