dhalsim vs yun

ok basically i suck at this matchup. seems like 7-3 to me. cant get out of yun’s footsie and divekick pressures. if anyone could share some tips wif me wld be great. some vids wld be a bonus too. thks.

yea this definitely seems like a 7-3 match in Yun’s favor. Divekick pressure, that safe dash punch thing he has, and worst of all, HIS COMMAND GRAB!


saw one of the v rare vids of yun vs sim. care to comment on how sim shld deal wif yun’s divekicks coz utj apparently whiffed many throw techs

Yeah, definitely not good for Dhalsim. It doesn’t really look like you can OS your way out of the divekick pressure if he does it right unfortunately, but I thought UTJ played kinda silly in the end of that video. It seemed fairly obvious to me that Marn was spamming Dive Kicks at that point, which by itself shouldn’t have been that hard to anti-air if anticipated.

I thought the use of B+MP was pretty smart though. Just should have been implemented more towards the end.

b.mp , fa lvl 2 and db.mp these are your options
and better to do the following

crouch and wen he dive push the lp + lk + mp all at once

it will break dive kick or it will tech throw, i use this alot against Rufus dive kicks

^ that wont work if Yun goes for a command throw

Even ignoring the command throw, it’s not like you have a really good OS to beat Yun’s divekick/low poke mixup. db mp OS teching only does so much. UTJ definitely got hit out of his mp quite a few times for attempting that.

Like if you could OS crouch tech slide or standing b.mp was usable while crouch teching, that would probably be ideal, but dhalsim’s db options don’t really cover high level dive kicks that well.

well then , your next option is the lvl 2 focus attack
dont tell me it wont work , because yun’s dive kick is very slow not like rufus

I can tell you with high certainty that when the dive kick lands Yun can go into a crouch jab and ruin your focus before you can release it unless they’re spacing it badly.

i have not played AE yet , but from the videos i saw , i dont think the match up is as bad as rufus or cammy

Well like others have said…ur in for a rude awakening! Playing a Yun who knows what he’s doing in the dhalsim match is like playing Cammy on crack! Seriously, it a guessing game (not in sim’s favor btw) as soon as Yun gets in. (and Yun WILL get in)

This matchup is horrible worse than cammy sim in ssf4

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It seems really hard!



2 vids of fchamp against yang wihom i tink mimics yun’s fighting style. gd for reference. notice how he seldom lets yang, or yun in this instance, get in by the clever use of ex upflame to stop divekick pressures

EX Up Flame as stated above looks like it should work well to peel pressure. I think you’re going to spend alot of time ttrying to focus dives for L2 crumples or backdashes. I’m not sure how this matchup is because I haven’t gotten to touch AE yet.

If you focus a properly spaced dive kick you’re just going to eat a combo.

not going to lie but this match up is just terrible. None of the yuns i have seen in videos from America are even close to as good as Issie is with yun. You cant short slide or forward slide because dive-kicks beat it clean and i cant keep him away.
this match up is worse than cammy NO JOKE

i tot i was good wif sim until i got wrecked by 50percent of yuns/yangs in the arcade. adnan was right on tis matchup. 7.5-2.5 in my view. this shit aint easy and there arent many vids on youtube to learn from. i would be looking fwd to how fchamp is gg to deal wif daigo’s yun if they do happen to cross swords again…hmm…


These japanese players are both very good, but Sim of course doesn’t know very well the matchup.
It seems horrible in my eyes… Yun divekick goes very far comparing to the Rufus one, and this is bad. Never try to use slide lk, it lose clearly.

Lol, I love how they managed to ruin a great game by purposely putting 2 imbalanced-as-hell charaters in the game.