Dhalsim: where are the sim players?



damn no love for the SIMinator? i just wanted to post if there are any sim players out there besides cole(who dont use him no more) and dreamtr


I’m trying to learn Sim, having a lot of trouble picking the right AA so people who play me still jump in on me for free a lot. Any advice would be very much appreciated.


when not in A groove, i use d/b+strong, b+rh xx yoga stream combo. good damage. you can link a lot of normals off of d/b+strong easily, like another strong, or fierce instead and suchconnecting with a d/b+fierce is only good if you are gonna combo a super cince you cant special buffer with it.

as for cc’s, i just do the slide version a couple d/b+fierces, into some medium slides and after damage scaling is down to 1 pixel per hit, i do short slides, then rh slide xx AA super. good damage and easy.

my teams are usually random, my newest random team is a-sim/kim/ken(2)

onikage: for upclose battles, b+strong works best. for a far jump, i usually use s.jab or b+forward. and depending on the character and the jump attack being used, slides will work.


half circle back + kick if you have the time to get that flame started, I also use s.rh to prevent them from getting in the air. Once in the air I’ll either roll or short teleport to throw their distance off.


Thx for the info guys. Time to get crackin’.


I use Sim all the time, he’s one of my best characters.


good, got any strats? :confused:

I love ppl that say they know stuff, but then stop there.


omega red: sim’s ability to roll doesn’t really give him a large boost…his roll is slow, and you can see it coming from a mile away. If your talkin about RC’s…then I can’t really say much, i’d say the only move probably worth RC’ing is his hcb+p.

i play sim in k-groove. i am still scared to use him in a big tourny. but just you wait. i find him to be very affective at rushdown. between slides, long ass normals, that GD noogie, and dive moves, he is a formidable foe.

mk to super is very nice too. his teleport is nice to get out of sticky situations sometimes.

any tricks or thoughts?


Um, did you read the title of the thread?

Anyway, I’ll give a little some some. Pretty basic stuff, but whatever.

  1. Sim can very easily switch from offense to defense & vice versa. Teleport can get you back on def. & spear/mummy puts you on off. quickly.

  2. Figure out a close up & a long range poke string. I really like long range c mp to s hk. People always seem to wanna jump after c mp.

  3. If you go up against an opponent who tries to hit your limbs, slide or fire. If they try to dp your limbs or get wise to your poke strings, mix up your pokes with a delay(or a short range move) & hit them when they miss.

  4. Learn which anti air is good against each character. Sim has a lot. You have close up aa with 3 slides, sb mp, sb lp, sb hk, sb mk, and air flame. Long range you have s mk, s hk, j hk, j mp. Then you have his supers which are very good for aa.

  5. Avoid girlies, especially Chun which is his worst. If you have to fight Chun, it’s probably best not to do any long range moves on ground or air. Other than supers & parry/jd, you have no anti air & will have to runaway. You’ll need to turtle & play keep away until you either 1. Get a super to use. 2. Find an opening where you can use a poke string mixing up with lots of spears. Don’t be irritated at all if you lose, cause he’s supposed to lose that fight.


Oh, and I don’t know anything about rcing gameplay. I play xbox version online & offline.


Long range:
Throw a yoga Fire…

If it is blocked, make them block a s.HP…
EVERYBODY jumps after this, so either s.HK(long), b+s.MP(deep), c.HK(med), Yoga thrust, or jump up and mummy for anti-air.

If they don’t jump. Repeat, or make them block another s.HP…

If they roll past the fireball, s.HP(long).

Short range: Despite what Gadgy says, Sim’s okay for anti-air. b+MP beats most deep jumpins/crossups. c.HK slide works similar to Blanka’s slide. c.MK whiffed into throw is a little trickier but it works. Mummy/Spears for air-to-air is great.

Otherwise, Spear/Mummy rushdown mixed with slides, throws and RC Yoga Fire/Yoga Flame is safest…



you can use all of dhalsims DF + K attacks to antiair a normal jumping sagat (sometimes even small jumps). It will go under all of sagats jumpins except jumping weak kick.

You can also use the same above slides to aa normal jumping chunli as well.

more to come


Recently I’ve picked up Sim… and I use him quite frequently. I play K-Maki/Sim/R2Somebody… I can’t find a good r2 that I like, I’ve been switching between Honda and now Gief… yes, its quite the odd team. Anywho, onto Sim:

dc fierce. This move is insane. My main attack method relies on getting inside and landing this. Why? That shit supercancels, of course. Also, it beats or trades most normals in the game… including alot of Chun’s. It seems to be pretty safe if blocked… I haven’t been punished yet after having one blocked, but I’m not 100% sure. Also, since Capcom is lazy, all of Sim’s dc punches have the same animation, so you can play some mindgames with that.

Usually what I end up doing in a match is short jump d+fierce, c.fierce… repeat. Of course you HAVE to mix it up (I like to toss in d+fk occasionally, it makes any jab DPs and most high priority normals whiff), but against non-dp characters who have no super on them, this is pretty effective. Sure, alot of normals beat the jump d+fp, but if you short jump over a poke with it, they don’t have much of a chance to react. This also goes over close fireballs for free, but then again the slide works as well… and not many people throw close fireballs. Well, good ones, at least. Also, if they happen to have a very short crouch box (Iori, Nako, sometimes Cammy) the d+fp will totally wiff… which isn’t bad because Sim recovers almost instantly, usually faster than the other person can comprehend… at which point you throw.

Which brings me to the noogie. This throw annoys, taunts, and generally pisses off the opponent, and leaves you in a very good position. Also, the throw range is stupendous. After a noogie, I like to run forward and do jab yoga flame. Not to close, though… far enough away that DPs will miss (thus the jab… if the DP goes through the flame, you’ll recover before they land), but close enough to land the end of the flame. Don’t do this when the opponent has meter, though. I don’t play many good RCers, so I’m not sure on how that would affect this move as an anti-wakeup. Any input would be good, though, so I know how to modify my game.

Personally, I don’t use Yoga Fire much at all… I play rushdown 'Sim, meaning I’m way too close to safely do a 'fire. Flame, on the other hand, recovers almost instantly if blocked (all strengths). It does insane guard damage though, even more when raged. Blast is an ok anti-air, but pretty much useless against C-groove since it can be air-blocked.

The Slide:
Sliding is fun. Under fireballs, whiffed short slides from a distance to mess with people, etc. I find short slide good to do against people who like to try and cross you up… short slide out of the way. It doesn’t hit them at all, but it screws with people and messes up patterns. My friend likes to trap me in the corner with Chun and do s.roundhouse xx super jump, and occasionally mix in her oc roundhouse… whenever he does, I just short slide out. Its good against alot of pokes, and you can combo to super after a connected short slide on a grounded opponent (its a fast ass link/cancel, whatever it is… I have trouble doing it consistently. Then again, I pretty much suck, so… why are you listening to me?)

You guys have already discussed AAs, but no one has really talked about supers. Truth be told the only super I really use with him is the Inferno, but thats just because I’m a damage whore. I usually land this super off of a guard break or when I (on the extremely rare occasion) catch someone with an anti-wakeup flame, but I always combo it AFTER a Yoga Flame. If you guard crush them, flamexxinferno… this is a sure thing if you guard crushed them with a flame anyways (“Yoga Flame!” CRASH “Yoga Flame! Inferno!” sounds too cool anyways) Sure, thats 4 hcbs in a row, but its all good.

Personally, I can’t combo for shit. I rely on mindgames and landing the inferno to win… So I won’t post any combos, really. Everything I do is simple anyways. I did make up ONE c-combo that I can actually do and use in a real match, but I’m sure its been widely known for awhile:

RC Roundhouse Yoga Blast, lv2 Yoga Volcano xx Roundhouse Yoga Blast, lv1 Yoga Volcano.

The first yoga blast can be substituted for a dc roundhouse as per the fact that the Blast whiffs on most medium characters unless done from the perfect distance, and totally whiffs on shorter characters. This is also a corner only combo. It does about 9k as an r2 if you do it the way I said, and somewhere in the 8k’s if you do a dc roundhouse instead of the Blast.

Anywho, like I said, I’m a big scrub. I’m amazed that I can win at all, but I somehow manage to squeeze out a few matches here and there. I just figured since no one else seems to be discussing Sim, this might bring some good strats out the woodworks since you guys would come out and say “Good god you suck” or something.

Anywho, I just realized I forgot Sim’s BEST move: The air taunt. Laugh if you must, but my ass has actually been saved a couple of times because of this… the taunt completely stops you in air and makes you fall down slowly. Its fun to throw this out when you’re jumping forwards or backwards… Sim has to have the slowest jump in the game, and thus people will throw stuff at you to try and get you to land on it. I realize its not exactly a ‘top tier’ strat, but using the taunt is just something stupid I like to do.

Well, thanks for putting up with my stupid strats.


Dunno what you’re referring to. He has good aa, but against characters like Chun, he has no effective aa normals.

Anyway, Sagat was mentioned, so I think I’ll post some strats against him.

  1. As said before slides work great for aa unless it is against Sagat’s j jk. Sb jp may hit the j jk when he’s above Sim, but I doubt it. I know the sb sp doesn’t.

  2. Yoga Stream or Volcano work great against any of Sagat’s jump attacks.

  3. S fp goes under Sagat’s high fireball & will hit a full screen away.

  4. Yoga Spear over low fireballs. Deep enough hit can combo into Yoga Stream.

  5. If he is far away trying to hit your arms with c fp or dp, just wait for it or bait him & s fp him.

  6. S fk & s mk are good aa from a distance or even c fp when he lands.

  7. People love to jump after a c mp & it has good recovery time to allow whatever you need to do.

  8. If Sag’s playing defense, using #3 & #4 & the fact that Sim can jump over his fireballs with ease will usually get Sagat to come after you.

  9. Never teleport offensively unless you are playing a scrub. IMO, teleport is only useful for getting you far away once the opponent has managed to get inside.


A dhalsim is Sim’s best groove imo. then K a very close second. this is very arguable because Sim has a really great A groove combo, and K sim , you just jd then you yoga noogie, and it has mad mad range. Sim is one of those “people would be using him if he took more damage/gave more etc”

i need advice against k groovers, because it’s ez to jd Sim’s limbs, if you have advice tell me.

his best AA

opponent jumps and is close to sim , usually on top/near his head:


opponent is farther away from you:


Sim has a reallly good air D. it’s friggin good.

Sim’s CC:
c.hpx4 [c.lk]x forever, then do a hk to qcf+k.

CC setups:
jump, d.mk CC activate

usually your opponent will attempt a throw, but usually you are too far to be thrown.

Slide, CC activate
again, your opponent will try to retaliate, a CC is ready for him.

Teleport , CC activate

how ye shall play with sim:

A rush down sim isn’t good obviously. you should be patient when playing with sim and wait for your opponent to do something. use Sim’s slides for the mind games. let’s talk about his jump limb extending normals.

lp: hits directly below him. this is good against an opponent who is below you and you cant hit him with a back+whatever. i rarely use this though.

mp:hits across sim in a straight line. helps if you are acrossly adjacent to eachother.

hp:it kinda goes down at a 45* angle. less range than lk/mk.

i’m too lazy to do the kix. but i will end this half ass guide with this trick, jump into your opponent, hope he/she DPs u and teleport near them and activate your CC.


“lp: hits directly below him. this is good against an opponent who is below you and you cant hit him with a back+whatever. i rarely use this though.”

Yeah, that move sucks. I never use it. Better to air teleport away or Yoga Mummy if you’re in that situation.

Advice against K groove? Hmm, my best friend uses K exclusively, but I can’t really think of much strats for K specifically. Up close, I try to throw more & use quick moves that will combo in case they get jd’d. Usually I’m trying to stay away cause my friend plays rush down with Sagat, Geese, Haoh, Ryu, Gief, & Kyo. He usually doesn’t jd my limbs though when on the ground far away. I don’t think that’s practical. Rather he tries to hit them. Far away, I like to mix up c sp, s sp, s fp, s jk, s fk, & s hk. Need to play a little erratic cause patterns can get jd’d. Most of all, Sim needs to be patient. Wait for a split second more at times you would normally wouldn’t. Really try to stay away when they are raged & get them to waste their super. You can Yoga Mummy or Spear & then super/cc right when you land. This’ll work even if the Mummy or Spear are jd’d. Usually if this is blocked or jd’d, they will try to throw. The super will negate the throw & hit unless the inital hit is very high. This can be a good mixup cause they don’t know if you’ll super or throw.


Oh & I dunno what his best groove is. I use C all the time. His supers are really good & I like level 2 cancels although I rarely use airblock with him. I also like to be able to roll out of sticky situations. I think K would probably be his best groove.


more sim stuff. i might make a dhalsim vid, but i’m not sure i will, people may not like it, and it’s hard to do flashy stuff with sim.

c.mp/hp beats sagat’s c.hp
l+mk beats Blanka’s c.hp
c.mp/hp trades with cammy’s s.hk but it beat’s it if u attack the first like .5 sec she’s returning the kick.


I use Dhalsim in Kgroove R4.
Since hes not a damaging char hes far better to go solo than to use in teams(if your good with Reverse parry)
He doesnt need combos to rely on that much since .hes not a combo char.
Focus on Counter Attack and GC.nobody believes me at home but
He has avantage everywhere on the screen. If they block all day so what …they cant block all day anyway since R4 Chars. take off
more of the bar than usual and he does it at screen length ,let alone its in K groove.

Unless your using A groove, combos with him are NOT his strong point. practice the ‘pin down’ game’.Thats all hes good for…

Now Dhalsim combos in MvC2 is a WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY


I’d like it plenty… MAKE ONE!