it started out as a random doodle in pen, but I liked its introspective mood.
Almost an “in remembrance…” pic.



Pimpin as usual Rook. Love the use of light and heavy lines. TOP notch:cool:

wow i cant describe any further other than wow!! :eek: looks exactly how hes supposed to be


Doh! stupid 240sec rule!:mad:

Very nice. My favorite part of this pic is the way you drew the neck connected to the chess in that view.

Nicely done, though I have a difficult time telling it’s Dhalsim.

I love your avatar by the way, it’s adorable.


Yup pimp, your pic still doesn’t make Dhalsim not a lamo though. ;O)

Nice structure and all that such. Keep up with the whack lines.

sweet shizzal…

man he looks boney but he kinda is to begin with. its a good drawing though i can always tell when a drawing is done by you very distinctive style keep it up hope to see more from you soon… peace

dude , u are fuckign amazing

can i see more of ur work … its aweeesome

hey some nice drawing man,i draw myself id say were at about the same experiance,but i dont have a dam scanner.:frowning:

i like it alot… makes me wanna go draw something

Rook- it looks great pencil artwork!!! Great work!!! You’re da man!!!

hey wadup rook,this is really tight. But where is the skull necklace? And were u ever gonna work on my request?


my office had a blackout as I was typing my reply, and I really don’t feel like typing it all over again… oh well, thanks everyone for the kind words.

it’s somewhere in the back of my “to do” list. I’ll PM you when I get down to it. apologies…


ok, let’s get down to those replies that got wiped out during the power outage at my office…

Deonysios, [kYo]KuSaNaGi:
I like to think of my style as my own - I have incorporated influences from all over the place (comic art, video games, anime, some things from realisn). It’s also changing as I go along, getting influenced by more stuff in life, etc. The artists on this board influence my style a bit too :slight_smile:

ponpoi, clarkspark, -|[kunoichi]|-, DeafNYCPlayer72:
thanks, glad you guys like :slight_smile:

thanks. You’re usually one of the first to point out my anatomical shortcomings… don’t stop now :wink:

Master Chibi:
I tried to incorporate some real-life things I’ve observed as opposedto just following the Capcom Dhalsim look - Indians tend to have prominent noses and deep-set eyes, so I thought I’d try to draw Dhalsim like the Indians I see. don’t think I fully succeeded, though…

and yeah, Devilot rocks! :slight_smile:

no love for the yoga rubber man… LOL. I think he’s stereotypical but still fun. Anyways, glad you like.

click on the blue dots in my sig…

hey, join us when you can… always good to get new blood on the boards :slight_smile:

cheers all!

u have kickass art man. but i just noticed i neve really replied to your threads =(

man seeing this pic of him makes me have more respect for the character. i’ve never really liked him, but your pic makes him look cooler.

hey do you have any pics that are staright clean pics, without the sketchyness? i love your sketchy style, but i think it’d be a total bug out tom see something with just linework!

oh yeah i lost the thread and never posted but that colored dan was tight! you should color more of your pics. very cool.