Dhalsim's hardest counters



So I realize I know nothing about Dhalsim and I’d like this remedied as soon as possible. As Sim players, which characters do you think he has the most difficulty in fighting? I am terrified of encountering a strong sim player and having no characters that can send him on his next stage of reincarnation.reincarnations!!

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Rufus, Yoshimitsu, Raven.

Possibly Jack-X too.


I don’t see why Yoshi is a hard matchup for sim? Any character that can change trajectory in the air, can give sim problems, as well as characters that has other good ways of getting in. It’s still a little hard for me to talk about bad matchups, but I agree with Rufus and Raven, and would maybe add Rolento and maybe even Guile, as his sonic booms beats almost all sims limbs and he still has pretty good recovery!


What about Lili?


Lili can alter her trajectory, so she falls under the category of at least potential hard matchups for Dhalsim, IMO


Rufus and Raven are definitely my hardest matches, I don’t do too badly against Rolento, but I’ve not played any good Rolentos really. His mobility and normals make it annoying.

A personal demon is Julia, is it just me or are her normals as long as Sim’s? I get tagged at ranges where only another Sim be able to touch me. :confused: