Dhalsim's long Low pokes



Well, It’s been a few days since I posted this on the Cammy forums, No reply yet… So I’d thought I’d try my luck here…


SA dash if you know hes going to poke.

throw sonic booms and dash in.
he really cant do anything from far except trade with yoga fires


When I play Sims that are trying to zone me full screen, I just stay a full screen’s length away and I fire off Sonic Booms.

If he tries to teleport behind/in front, I tag him with s.hp/s.lp on his recovery and I run away. lol .


I just had to come here and comment on this thread title…ambiguously perverted, or what? :rofl:


Don’t the low pokes go UNDER the sonic booms? and they can still trade fbs I think

I’m guessing you just wait it out for them to become impatient?..