Dhalsim's ranking (spoiler)

after reading issue #2, i have an impression that dhalsim ranking among the strongest fighters is along the line of gen and maybe akuma. Sagat was easily beaten by dhalsim and sagat is one of the top fighters. What do everyone think?

no man i don’t think he’s in the same rank as akuma,simply cause akuma had beaten every single apponent including ryu and ken 2 gether.
maybe the same line of gen.

In the games Ryu told Necro in SF3 NG and Second Impact (one of his win quotes to Necro) something like Necro’s stretching doesn’t suprise him, that he used to beat a man in India, indicating that he has at the very least beaten up Dhalsim twice. So in the games he’s not that strong. In the comic he’s really strong though, ditto for the SF2V Anime which most likely inspired Studio Udon training Sagat and Ryu in the first place. Still, even in the comic book world Ryu and Sagat will eventually surpass Dhalsim I imagine, prolly by the SF2 Tourney and beyond.

Using American names for convenience, I think in the comic book right now Dhalsim’s not Akuma’s, Gen’s(since he survived a match with Akuma in the comics as previews of future issues indicate) or Master Bison(since the Raw issue says he’s even stronger now than he was when he fought Guile/Chun-Li/Charlie). He would be above everyone else though. Just my opinion on that.

In Street Fighter, just because someone wins against someone else, it doesn’t necessary mean that they are stronger than them.

If that were the case, Sagat should have beaten Ryu in the first tournament unscathed. The battle between Sagat and Dhalsim only lasted five pages (and one of them was a full page panel). I imagine that Dhalsim chipped away Sagat’s health while keeping out of his reach as he would have to do in the game. Dhalsim just isn’t capable of jumping in and relentlessly attacking for a quick win.

Sagat was beating the crap out of Ryu in SF1. The only reason Ryu took him out was because he turned into Evil Ryu for a split second and plowed through him with a very powerful Dragon Punch when Sagat thought the fight was done. Sagat also lost to Dan, but he let Dan beat him because he knew just how badly he had screwed up Dan’s life. Ryu lost to Ken in Alpha 2 because he was distracted over Gouki and the Satsui no Hado.

In every case above the stronger fighter lost, but it is still obvious that they were better than their opponent.

Sagat, Gen, Gouki have always been among the most powerful/feared fighters in the street fighter world. Dhalsim has never been portrayed as being all that great, except in Street Fighter 2V, which is where this comics version clearly comes from.

LOL if you believe the comic books, then i dont know what to say anymore. cause if that was true, then maybe shadow really did exist in the capcom SF storyline besides MVSF and who knows, maybe shadow lady will make an appearance too. :rofl:

Juni’s win quote against Dhalsim in the Japanese version of A3 indicates that he has a very high SP (spirit potential) but not a huge amount of fighting potential.

Dhalsim beat Sagat in the current comic because he employed tactics and abilities that Sagat had not encountered before. That and Sagat’s mind was truely unfocused at that point.

Exactly, that’s what I would have said. Power had nothing to do with Dhalsim beating Sagat. Physically Sagat IS much stronger than Dhalsim IN the comic as well, but Dhalsim has incredible mastery over his mind, he didn’t even touch Sagat to beat him he had Sagat mentally bound by his will. There’s no way Sagat would have had the focus (especially at this point) to combat what Dhalsim was throwing at him, it made perfect sense that he got schooled. Brute strength doesn’t always decide the outcome of a match. Dhalism is a master , he would be leagues ahead of Sagat spirtually, that’s why it seemed to people he is physically stronger than Sagat when he really isn’t.

Don’t forget the Tokuma comics, man. They had Dhalsim schoolin’ Ryu there.

He was very good in that comic, but it was another depiction of him that does not match the official story in any way. Besides, Ryu beat him there too, and would have killed him with a Dragon Punch, had his necklace of child skulls not absorbed most of the blow.

I guess Dhalsim could be considered powerful in this comic, but not anywhere near Gen, Gouki, or Bison. Gen survived Gouki, Gouki schooled Ken and Ryu badly and he avoided Evil Ryu’s attack with ease, and Bison, well he’s just Bison. He schooled Chun-Li and Guile even worse than Gouki did to Ken and Ryu and only got taken out by a cliff collapsing on him.

So far Dhalsim has only mind raped Sagat. I got the impression that the vast majority of their fight was actually in Sagat’s mind. From the second that Sagat started spazzing out and bleeding from the ears I figure the fight wasn’t actually happening. I always considered Dhalsim to be very well versed in Ki manipulation, but not really a very good fighter at all. The mind games might be very effective, but I doubt he could even use them against Gouki, Gen, or Bison. They have just as much experience as he does and probably dwarf him in overall power.

I guess we’ll see how well he can really physically fight next issue while he helps Ryu.

Did anyone else think it was really cool how Dhalsim changed to his alternate game colors at the camp fire when it was dark? We’ve got to see the SFers in different clothes Balrog(club wear, hoody) and Ryu/Ken/Sakura (Dress and tuxedo) but I wouldn’t mind seeing Bison come out for his death match at the end of the tournament wearing a black variation of his military outfit. Chun Li gets to wear color variations of her alpha togs now and then. I want Ryu and Ken to wear different colors than white and red now and then. Even if it’s only in a backup.


Gives Mert a mert snack, sorry I could resist.

I read that real quick and thought it said a Mert Smack.

If Dhalsim chose to use his powers to hurt people, then I suppose he would be up there with those three.

I’m more interested in Oro though. Where does he rank?

Right now he’d be the most powerful person in the story. By Third Strike he’s even with Gill and Gouki.