Dhalsim's relaunch combo

What’s up all! I need some help with Dhalsim’s corner combo. I’ve seen on a video that Dhalsim did a 12 hit air combo which put the dummy charater in flaying screen, but then he relauched again for another 10 or 12 hits! I can do the first set but i can’t do the rest:sad: Somebody please help me

launch…lp lk lp lp lk airdash u/f lk lk lk lk hk otg launch
that is the simple one

Search for threads as “since beginning”…

Anyway, how this works… far HK gives a weird flying screen that leaves them on the ground longer than normal hits… If you end with a close roundhouse and OTG c.lk,s.mp, you can’t super jump or cancel to anything after, so the end of the first set for the FSD (flying screen deterioration) has to be a far roundhouse.

launch, / , lp,lk,mk, lk,mp, airdash u/b (close)lk, (far)lk,mk,hk, drift in, (far), hk, \ /

if starting with them above head height you can replace the first 5 hits before airdash with magic series.

… now walk forward and wait a split second before relaunching them. Ending with that far falling hk leaves them grounded longer. If you attack right when they land, you’re still restricted by flying screen and can’t cancel anything (including to super jump), waita split second after they land THEN relaunch with OTG c.lk,s.mp, / , lp,mk,mp,mk, airdash u/b, (close)lk, (far)lk,mk,hk, float FURTHER in this time (close) hk, \ /, rejump with a normal jump and do a series with slight delay lk<mk<hk, land and qcf+kk to finish.

Other variations or tweaks and/or same information is probably somewhere in past threads.


is this the same combo that you can hk twice?

it’s extended combo ending with far hk as the last hit on the way down which allows for FSD, then relaunch into extended combo, this time with a CLOSE hk as the last hit on the way down,and the last rejump with 3 hits catches them still in the air (the close hk didn’t send them into the ground like the far one)… they only hit the ground once…, so you can go with pretty much the same sequence, but first rep ends with far hk, second rep ends with close hk. I’m not sure if that’s what you were asking, so I’m hoping that answers what you were wondering.

please tell me again cause i dont know wtf i was talking about…i just try shit at home

first rep, last hk is far hk, then they hit the ground
second rep, last hk is close hk, you land and then jump for 3 more hits WITHOUT them hitting the ground.

… first rep has to end with far hk because it creates a situation where they stay on the ground long enough for flying screen to break (they can’t roll, and you can cancel moves once flying screen is broken… if you OTG c.lk,s.mp too fast you can’t even follow with a super jump because flying screen is on).

Thank you guys for the in response. I can now do the combo with ease. Sorry for talking so long with my reply. Are there any teams that you guys suggests that don’t involve the " Four Gods"

Dhalsim/IM/Cyke ?

… personally I almost always use Sentinel (RP assist) with Dhalsim because I can do over half life from a far c.lp