Dhasim's team n combo pls

Can anyone tell me some Dhasim combo? I’d like to learn to use Dhasim!
What team is good for Dhasim??

It depends on what your looking for. If your looking to do big damage. It’s best to do, pop-up, kick super, thats his most damaging air combo. If your looking to build meter, you should do:

pop-up, sj, lp,lk, (slight pause) lp,lk,lp, airdash u/f, lp,lk, (slight pause) lp,lk,hk

As far as teams are concerned. I use sent with drones, capcom’s anti-air.

Air dash and triangle jumping works really well with slow moving drones, along with pokes on the ground works well for lock down.

There’s a lil trick I like to use with capcom. If you sj then do any of the spear moves; d+lk, d+hk or d+hp then air dash, you can call out assist during sj. It gets really annoying for opponent, and if they try to chase. It gets really dangerous, with the human shield capcom. If they don’t chase, and stay on the ground. They have to guess wich way to block, because you can air-dash to either side.

also, for some reason, only for dhalsim, after an air throw, u can call your assist!! You normally should not be able to do that! Dhalsim has a lot of wierd shit. My friend should be putting my combo exibition on here sometime. I do a lot of dhalsim combos, I don’t think anyone has seen yet.

The combos I do are strictly for show. Partners I use with Dhalsim include Juggernot, Anakaris, Black Heart, and Thanos. I also do ground combos I don’t think anyone has seen before.

Evil Grunt, Im suprised u know about his extended air combo, he has another version of it too. And if your in the corner, after doing the combo, end it with a hk, then you can spear, and kick spear! What else do u know with him?

Yea, Dhalsim can assist after his airthrow, but guess what that means? You’re in normal jump mode. Which can be bad… guardbreaks, or unability to block after followup, etc.

If they don’t roll, try this (occasionally). launch, / , lp,lk,mk,mp, airdash u/b, (close) lk, (far) lk,mk, float back in, hp airthrow, then AS SOON as you recover call sentinel drones and teleport to the other side, as soon as coming out of the teleport inferno and insta DHC to IM’s proton canon (will combo if the drones hit on crossup), also, you can wait a split second for drones to push them back and then the insta proton canon will come from the original side… so mix it up if they catch on (too bad a single roll save them from all of this).

Staple non-bar solo air combos would be…

-launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, lk, \ /, d/f+hp, / , lp,lk,mp,mk, airdash u/b, ©lk, (f)lk,mk,hk to send them to the corner/flying screen.

-launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, lk, \ /, d/f+hp, / , lp,lk,mp,mk, airdash u/f, lk,mp,mk, lk,d+hp,hk (leaves you with the ability to assist at the end… but watch out, you’re way up high and in normal-jump with no airdash.

-launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, lk, \ /, d/f+hp, / , lp,lk,mp,mk,d+hp,hk (leaves you with an assist, closer to the ground, and the option to airdash).

team stuff…

launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, lk, \ /, d/f+hp, / , lp,lk,mk, lk,mp, airdash u/f, lp,lk,mp,mk, hp airthrow, imeediately inferno and DHC to IronMan’s Proton Canon (catches them ebfore they hit the group… big damage because of reset from throw), then DHC to Sent’s HSF.

In corner, start with launch, / \ u/b, hp, airdash d/f, lk, \ /, d/f+hp or any OTG into c.lk,s.mp… / , lp,lk,mp, lk,mp, aidash u/f, lp,lk,mp,mk, hp airthrow, call storm-a, immediately inferno,xx,DHC to HSF, Storm’s typhoon OTGs them into HSF, dash, s.lk,s,mp,xx,/ , lk, ff, lk,hp,xx,unfly, lk<mk, \ /, / , lk<mp, ff, lk,hp,xx,unfly, lk, ff, lk,mk,dp+p… or any other Sent combo finisher you chose to do. CapCom assist also works in place of Storm on a Sim/Sent/Cap team.

More stuff later… or sometime… or Magnetro will post it… lol


Good stuff MuraKumo. I use to try some of those combos, after seeing Liquid metal pull variations of some of those combos a couple of years ago. When they worked for me, I was pleased. When they missed, due to the size and weights of certian characters, I would get punished serverly. That’s why I go for those basic two. One to build meter and one to take damage. I may have to rethink my position on those combos, because they are so stylish. One that you may or may not is:

launch, / , hp, airdash-d/f, d+lk,lk, \ /, qcf, lk+hk

It does massive damage, and the only way it can be broken is if you execute the super late. If you like doing those other airdash combos you’ll love it.

Tazmattik, I never noticed that, about the throw to end an arial rave. I want to talk a little more about calling assist from sj. This maynot be very important overall, but it’s very useful in some situations. For me, it’s most useful vs fly away Storm or Sent. players. I’ll play Dahlsim w/CapCom and stay just close enough to be in range for Caps assist.

You can also use it to cross up grounded opponents, depending on which way you airdash. But you have be really careful. Like MuraKumo said, the only reason this works is because your considered jumping. Guard breaks are a big factor, and you can’t attack until you hit the ground. I usually airdash towards the ground to be safe. If you have to airdash up, you can teleport to cancel the jump.

I have one more thing to mention. Dahlsim has one of the sweetest corner guardbreak in the game. After a character dies or a snapback in the corner, as the next character is coming in do a yoga erupt, then the kick super. If they block the erupt, the super is free. If they let the erupt hit, then the flame super is free. If they pushblock, do the yoga flame super and aim it towards the ground. It’s a really hard guardbreak to get out of. For some reason, the super doesn’t take the full amount of damage it normally does. So I usually DHC into another super. It works really well with Sents hsf

yea, I was posting non-bar solo combos at the start.

Try this, though, evil grunt… more damage AND DHC’able.

launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, late lk, \ /, s.hk,xx,hcb+lk,xx,qcf+pp … that should be bread and butter like Storm super and DHC to Sent =)

Middscreen kill, anyone?

launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, late lk, \ /, lp,mp, / \ (moving forward), d+lk,cyke,hp, wait, qcf+pp (cyke hits), aim up, \ / (under them if all timing and placement was right), \ /, s.hk,xx,/ , airdash forward, (f)lk<(f)mp, \ /, qcf+kk

Yup… that’s right… nastily hard to execute, but a 100% miscreen combo with Cyclops aaa assist. (inferno and strike)…

Much easier to do 2 infernos, but is not 100% due to damage scaling.

Here’s my favorite guardbreak of Dhalsim’s. =)
Snapback midscreen, run up to the “snapback wall”, / , ©hk, airdash d/f, late lk, \ /, any combo you would normally do from hp dashdown. … make sure the HK is close… it will combo on hit and GB on block with the same timing

got any strategy for Dhasim??

Who are you fighting?

BTW, if you search for threads since beginning, I have a fairly extensive Dhalsim guide. I could add more, but ppl just stopped replying/didn’t contribute.


mostly Sentinel,cable…top tier

Dhasim is good at which Assist? GROUND or AA type???

Lots of people like his ground assist, but I prefer the AAA. It’s like a less instant but further psylocke assist.

The ground is better for when they’re grounded. AAA gives other characters on point guardbrakes, still some cool/cooler combos, and helps control the air and KEEP the opponent grounded.

Wow good stuff Murakumo. Some of the things u have are very difficult to execute them, and are different for different characters. Thats my biggest problem with dhalsim.

Evil Grunt, it seems some of my previous post has been deleted or fooled with. My friend has access to my account somehow, and probably changed some of my words, and my avatar to that stupid bunny. I use a library computer so I don’t have much time to change it back, Some things I thought I posted are not there. Then again, I may just have not posted them at all.

but anyway, yeah after an airthrow from an ariel wave, Dhalsim falls pretty fast to the ground. I don’t think the person wouldn’t have time to get up and attack, Dhalsim would recover by then. Also, most people roll so it should be fairly safe, but even if not, he has options. Like u said u can airdash, and teleport, or u could also float, then unfly.

Try this advanced combo out. Cable is the best person to do combos on as u already should know. Okay:
dash foward, d.lk d.mp, pause, s.jap(yes it combos!), slide, pause, d.lk, pause s.lk, mk, hk. Then fool with that while calling out your assist. U can also do other things after standing jab. When I saw that the standing jab connected, I was like no way. But it does. However, it only works on male characters. The reason why is because for some stupid reason, the s.jab misses on females. The s.jab comes out as a chop jab, as if u were up close on the character and so it misses. It should comeout as a distance jab (because u are a slight distance from the character) like how it does on the male characters, and thus it hits.

I have other advanced combos, with certain assist characters, but let me give u one more all by himself. The granddaddy of them all, his ground infinite! FOR EXPERTS ONLY!!! Okay: dash foward s.jab, s.mk, superjump cancel foward lk, dash foward lk, mk, hp, land, dash foward, s.jab, s.mk superjump cancel foward lk, dash foward lk, mk, hp…etc. etc. repeat. repeat.

Cool find

Ugh… I hate doing those sj cancel infinites though. Nice combo… but damn, most of those things are HARD to pull off. They usually LOOK awesome though. :smile:

EDIT: By the way Murakumo, I have a question concerning Dhalsim/IM’s unblockable DHC that’s been bothering me for a while now:

After an oppenent is OTG’d, assuming they don’t or can’t roll for whatever reason, how soon are they able to call an assist? What I’m basically wondering is whether it’s before, after, or at the same time as the “standing up” from OTG invincibility has worn off.

The main reason I want to know is to find out for sure whether or not post-flying-screen-OTG unblockables with various characters can be interfered with by mashing on a high-priority assist.

ie: With Dhalsim/IM (I know this isn’t a very usefull combo, but just as an example) if Dhalsim does an air combo that ends in flying screen, and for some reason tries to do the Yoga Strike->Proton Cannon unblockable DHC within range of the opponent’s AAA when the opponent gets up from OTG, assuming the Dhalsim player timed everything right (so that the super flash occurs JUST after the “standing up” invincibility has worn off), is Dhalsim in danger of being hit if the opponent was mashing on his AAA?

You’re one of the only people I know of who actually uses the unblockable DHC trick, so I was wondering if you’ve ever encountered anything while using it that could help answer this question. :smile: Thanks

I know about this too :P, anyways, the assist wont hit you 'cause it’s all one frame so they will get hit by the proton cannon or morrigans soul eraser. HOWEVER the proton cannon sometimes drops the other guy so if it drops the point character than he might be able to roll out of it which isn’t a good thing.

lol sorry Magnetro–

That’s a good point about them possibly getting dropped from the PC, I hadn’t considered that. Still, it might be usefull for some characters since if you’re close enough when the PC starts it won’t drop them as often, even if it’s hitting two characters.

I doubt it would come in handy for Dhalsim since he’s already got plenty of 100% combos and DHCs, especially in the corner. Still good to know though, thanks for the response.

It’s really good as a “guard break”. hehe

Oh yeah definitely-- especially if you DHC through IM to Sent :slight_smile:

I just meant it’s not too great for Dhalsim to use it as a reset after a flying screen combo.

But yeah it makes a great guardbreak… I like to use it when the opponent is coming down from a superjump too :slight_smile:

thanx. yeah they can be tricky at times. Some superjump cancels are easy to execute and some are just plain hard.

Main thing to remember on super jump cancels is that you can’t start the motion until after the hit occurs.

you should try to sjc out of dhalsim’s cr.lk - - its much much much easier than magneto’s since it’s slower to come out, if not cr.lk, cr.mk is really really easy as well, both make it look like you’re going to be hitting low then you can tri jump - overhead/whiff -throw/cr.lk/ tri jump again -dash over + assist etc. hehe.

Sorry for bumping an old thread. But I am having a little trouble getting this combo down.

I come unstuck at the [airdash u/b, ©lk, (f)lk. Am i meant to “slide” from the AD u/b to the lk? Or is it just input real fast?

Any help would be most appreciated.