DHC glitch help

I have been looking to see if my teams got a DHC glitch, but I can’t find one.

I use Wolvie/Akuma/Sent

I was watching some vids and i saw that sent had like a hidden DHC glitch, some tricky shit with storm.
I was wondering if there might be a DHC glitch hidden in my group?

Did you check the DHC Glitch thread?

oh cool, didnt see this, imma check it now.

edit: wow my head hurts, i have no idea what that thread is saying about sent or anything.

yeah u can dhc glitch from sentinel into wolverine

u would need to do command grab > HSF > berserker charge > combo

thing is u are only resetting damage/hitstun off of then command grab so, kind of useless, your team can do much more damage just by doing regular combos in normal dhcs.

thanx bra, imma prob just do normal combos den.