DHC Glitch?


I’m not entirely sure I follow the purpose of the old DHC glitch. I know how it worked (combo into another combo that doesn’t combo), but what exactly was the purpose of it?

Also, I’ve heard to term thrown around in UMvC3 as well. I know they fixed it, so what does the term refer to in Ultimate, and why do I care?



In Vanilla MvC3, the purpose of the DHC glitch was to reset the damage. In Capcom games, damage tends to scale down the longer a combo goes. You could sidestep this by doing the glitch. One character does a super, and then another character DHC’s with something that doesn’t hit, which resets or put the combo damage back to normal, unscaled levels (and being able to continue a combo with “normal” damage).

Commonly used for these are Magnetic Tempest/Elemental Fury into stuff like Wolverine’s Berserker Charge or Wesker’s super counter.

Examples at 0:28 and 1:20 of this video

and 0:26 in this one (sorry bout the quality)

In Ultimate, I believe it refers to something different, one of Nova’s supers when the game was fairly new.


I remember a combo, for example, where someone did Tron Lunch Time -> Thor Super Grab (whiff) -> Mighty Spark, referred to the DHC Glitch. Is the scaling-go-bye-bye glitch still in the game?


It utilizes the hard knockdown of the super, without DHCing and hitting them out of the fall. Thats about it, the scaling reset was removed in vanilla