DHC input bug

Couldn’t find a bugs/glitches thread, so I decided to make this one.

Anyway, I’ve discovered an annoying little bug that treats your qcf DHC as a dp DHC. I first noticed this when trying to use Hawkeye’s Gimlet (gold arrow) into Hulk’s Gamma Tsunami. The game continuously gave me Gamma Quake instead. When Gimlet is cancelled fast enough with a qcf super, a dp-motion super comes out.

However, this doesn’t just apply to Hawkeye. I also quickly cancelled Maximum Wesker (at least two hits a few times) into qcf supers, but dp supers occurred.

I’m sure this is a widespread thing. Has anyone else noticed it?

Video of it…


Odd, I havn’t noticed it at all.

You wouldn’t notice it if your team doesn’t have dp-motion supers and/or you’ve never cancelled them fast enough for it to take effect.

I experienced a different input bug today and I’m wondering if it’s related at all. I did Taskmaster’s Legion Arrow, then started mashing the buttons as the freeze frame was almost over, and my next character in line DHC’d in even without me inputting a second directional command at all. I took my left hand off of the controller before I mashed, and my d-pad has never stuck for any inputs in the past, so it looks to me as if the game is holding your previous directional command in the input buffer for a very long time, possibly until the super freeze is completely finished.

I haven’t tried to reproduce this effect yet and it happened in an online match, so I’m not yet sure if it’s an actual problem or just some more random online quirks.

I have experienced this too. It has happened to me during several online matches, so I assumed it was netplay being buggy.

It’s the super flash. There was topic made on this before (no idea what to search), IIRC it actually freezes the game and allows no inputs and then continues after (meaning even though real time is passing, input time is not). This + input leniency = what you and 645 are noticing. Srk motion has priority over qcf motion so qcf PP qcf PP looks like this 23[6236] looking at the directions only and 6236 (forward qcf) results in a DP (has since SF2). Same with why qcf PP PPPPPPPPPPPPP is DHCing.

I imagine this is more frequent online with input delay.

PP is just me saying any 2 buttons, I know there’s no designated punch and kick buttons.

This used to happen to me as my team is mostly all srk motion dhcs, but it doesn’t happen now. There is definitely a way to avoid it because I haven’t had it happen to me in a long time.

Thanks for the explanation. It makes perfect sense.

Was this in MvC3 too? I don’t ever recall having those problems in vanilla.

The input buffer would record anything you entered during the super freeze and interpret a single command from it, but I don’t recall ever having an issue with something that happened before the super freeze interfering with that.

Here’s the topic I was talking about

Looks like I recalled some parts incorrectly

This has happened to me quite a few times and has caused me some matches. Good thing im not the only one getting DP motioned supers when just doing QCF.

I’m glad I checked this board before going to bed; I just finished making a large post on the Hawkeye boards about this in which I fully explored the issue. I’ll just quote myself:

WARNING: Post contains scientific testing!

Yeah, I was seeing this problem a lot with trying to DHC out of Wright’s Maya hyper too. I think the main thing here is that the game is using your old :f: input which then takes the input priority over the :qcf: hyper. Adding extra inputs during the freeze doesn’t even help; I can do full 360s starting with up to try to make the input buffer forget that :f: input and it just doesn’t care. I have done some more testing, and this is a really huge issue in this game affecting a huge chunk of characters though a similarly big chunk can easily DHC into :qcf: hypers so it’s hyper specific which ones have problems. Here’s my test of every character who has a DHC-able :qcf: hyper (everyone except Shuma-Gorath, Dr. Doom, and Captain America) and who is affected:


Phoenix Wright
Tron Bonne
Doctor Strange
Iron Fist
Rocket Raccoon
Sentinel (both hypers)

*Spider-man revealed the exact cause to me. It’s related to the number of frames pre-hyper freeze. If the number is 10 or fewer, it will be a problem. If it is 12 or greater, it won’t. Maximum Spider is variable based on distance to the wall, and of course, this means it sometimes has problems and sometimes doesn’t based on how far away from the wall you start. Interestingly, doing things to speed up the animation doesn’t matter. XF3 Firebrand in Luminous Body still doesn’t have issues even though his 12 frame pre-freeze hyper was barely past the cut-off and in that form Firebrand is massively sped up. Even more interestingly, if the affected characters are slowed down from either Viewtiful Joe or Amaterasu, the issue goes away! For those wondering about 11 frames, I wasn’t able to find any :qcf: hypers with 11 pre-freeze frames of start-up so the only way it could possibly come up is in the case of Spider-man a very particular distance from the wall which I don’t have the equipment to test. I suspect it’s a “no” though since 10 frames sounds to me like a very likely size for the input buffer.

There is a trick to avoiding this altogether though. During your initial :qcf: to do Gimlet, roll back to :df: and hold it as you do your double input (going to :d: works too, but :df: is easier on a square gate). This will cause the input from your initial hyper going into the hyper freeze to be :df: instead of :f: which won’t make doing a :qcf: hyper instead of a :dp: hyper impossible. Actually you can use any direction (other than :f: obviously!); you can do a tiger knee input :qcf::uf: so fast you don’t even leave the ground and it will prevent the issue; the whole idea is to plug in some useless input so the game never sees that :f: at the start. It’s non-intuitive, but in a way, it actually makes execution easier once you are aware of it… in a perverse kinda way. Hawkeye players will absolutely need to know about this though since Gimlet DHC some other hyper is a big thing with him, and for a lot of characters the :qcf: hyper is the best one to finish with (whiffing full screen shoryuken hypers with Ryu and Akuma sounds infuriating to me!).

I noticed it earlier today when trying to DHC too fast from morrigan’s OTG super into she hulks drop kick

Edit: I have also seen this with special moves. Spamming fireballs, doing iron fist’s fwd+H into rekka, etc.

I’d say this is a big enough problem to hopefully get patched in the future. It will definitely affect Hawkeye players, and I’ve already experienced it with Dorm in several matches.

This bug affects just about anything that causes a freeze on screen. For example, if the opponent were to try to counter hyper someone else’s hyper with a qcf hyper but pressed forward during the super freeze, they will get a DP hyper as well. This may also happen in XF, which explains people randomly getting hit off their XF despite trying to only block or trying to do a qcf motion instead of a dp motion.

Requisite: It’s not a bug it’s a feature. Actually I’m pretty sure it really isn’t a bug as this most definitely happened in vanilla. The game needs some degree of leeway it would seem to allow for buffered inputs in other aspects of the game and it’s during DHCs where that really becomes an issue. This isn’t really (on a conceptual level) from walking forward and then doing a qcf move. You’ll get a dp all day every day.

It isn’t a bug, it’s the nature of the wider input window leading the game to read your inputs as :dp::f::atk::atk:, and because DPs have higher input priority than QCF, the DP comes out. You just need to be more precise and careful with your inputs to make it work properly.

It kind of is a bug. It’s not just the buffer time messing it up. I’ve only tested this with Hawkeye’s Gimlet, and if you’re holding forward after the hyper freeze has started, it’s impossible to dhc into a qcf hyper if you have a dp hyper. You have to wait until after the freeze is over. So, it sort of is a bug, but can be avoided by making sure you let your stick go to neutral before the freeze animation.

I just tested this with akuma followed by task master. When I do akuma’s fireball hyper and start to mash the buttons…it will DHC into taskmaster’s counter hyper… does not make any sense to me. I input qcf + 2 x atk…so where is the qcb input coming from???

This shit just cost Chris G the grand finals at NEC. How terrible.


Yes, I’m aware it’s not a “real” glitch, but it is somewhat of a problem. It’s much more prevalent in Ultimate than vanilla.