DHCing out of magnetic shockwave

does anyone know the exact frames i can DHC out of. I find that i can only do it right at the moment the shockwave starts becuz i try in the middle and it doesnt work, but some times i get it to work after the shockwave makes a few hits and i dont what is going on

I don’t know either. Just like you, I can only seem to DHC right at the very start of it, OR right at the very end of it… but never in the middle (dont think its possible). It’s hard cause sometimes ill TRY to DHC in the beginning of the shockwave but it doesn’t come out… timing must be really specific and somewhat strict?

any mag experts wanna shed some light?

right as magneto pounds the ground is when you should cancel out of magnetic shock

the reason you can’t dhc any other time in it is because that the screen moves!