Dhlasim tri-jump infintie

i dont have time to donwload the magnetro tutorial

can someone plz tell me the commands for dhalsims tri jump infinite(s) that work mid screen thanks


hey Magnetro I downloaded your video and watched it at least 20 times over and over. It was an AWESOME TUTORIAL :slight_smile:

Seal, I know in the corner you can launch, s. hk xx ad df xx lk xx land, repeat

where can I get your sesy dhalsim tutorial oh master of the universe/megamanDS?

dhalsim is to hard, i’m just gonna learn sentinel now instead.

and u can get the tutorial at preppys site. its in 6 parts u download all 6 parts and then extract to disk.

tri-jump infinite.

[/ , lk, airdash d/f, lk, \ /]xN

square jump infinite

[/ , lk, airdash f, lk,mk<hk, \ /]xN
[c.lp,, xx, / , lk, airdash f, lk,mk<hk, \ /, dash]xN (stick in whatever attack you want on the ground, really)

sentinel square jump infinite

c.lp,, [(far)s.lp,, xx, / , (far)lk, airdash f, (far)lk,mk,hp, \ /]xN
c.lp,, (far)s.lp,, xx, [/ , (far)lk, airdash f, (far)lk,mk,hp, \ /]xN

The nearly-impossible, I’ve-never-done-it-more-than-3-reps-in-a-row infinite

c.lp,, [(far)s.lp,s,mk,xx,/ , airdash f, (far)lk,mk,hk, \ /, dash]xN
(Magnetro couldn’t even get the program pad to run this right… THAT’S how hard it is to time).

All of his real damage comes from the unfly infinite. Unfly + launch anywhere = dead opponent (other than maybe sentinel, or if your unly was half out when you start).

Oh, and if you don’t have time to download the tutorial, you’ll prolly never have time to get good with Dhalsim… steep learning curve IMHO. Combos maybe not seem as hard, but they seem to be much more timing-specific than Mags’ and Storm’s. Also, he can’t randomly recover from a mistike for some on-the-fly reset or mixup very will like those other two, so you’ve gotta make sure you’ve got his stuff down pat… especially since so much damage often comes from the last hit–strike. Gotta make it to the end of those combos…