Diablo 2 Thread: It's still good

Someone on USWest give me a rush in normal from act 2.
I will rush you if you need it.

We can use this thread to help each other out. Rushing, transferring, giving items and such.

Although I am not sure anyone else but myself and sonicabid play it lol

I’m on uswest.


I’ve reinstalled this game recently.

My characters on bnet are loooong gone, so no rushes from me, but I can play along if you want some party members. I plan on building a summon/rabies druid, or a thorns paladin (are they still good?)

I’m also on USwest but I don’t even have my character remade yet.

I can take you to A4 Hell, you’re on your own from there

Infector of Souls is a dick.

Some dude ran me to A5, so I should easily sell my forge for a rush in NM and Hell.
I have a druid that can rush you in Normal and Nightmare. And a zealot that can rush easy in Hell.

Hawk + Sleazoid = What are your usernames on bnet?

Add me too guys, Sonicabid3

I need some Amn runes. I got some Eth Polearms I want to try and get 4 sockets out of from doing the amn+ral+Pamy+weapon in cube.

do a lot of ppl still play? i remember i found it hard to find people to do acts 2-4 in hell, because everybody was doing ball runs all day every day. and soloing acts 2-4 in hell is pretty much impossible (unless ur a hammerdin then its super easy!)

Ya people still play like crazy.

And no one wants to rush Act 2 in any difficulty lol It’s just so annoying getting the amulet and staff. Even sonicabid won’t rush me in act 2 lol
But that’s why I am making this thread, we can help each other instead of relying on some losers on bnet, although there are still a small amount of good guys there.

I’m gonna be doing ancients on normal today, then I am sure I can sell my forge for NM and Hell rushes. Normal act2… That is the worst.

But I can easily solo all of Hell with my zealot, so if you need help, I can lend a hand.

I re-installed but it gives me a unable to properly Identify your application ver. never had this problem before.

Infernoman, right click and run diablo 2 as an admin and then try connecting to bnet.

That oughta solve it.


My login name on bnet west is QuietRepentance. I made a hardcore druid named Morlden. Hopefully I won’t regret this hardcore thing.

How recent was the last ladder reset? I might reinstall…

March. So new one is in September.

sweet thanks :tup: ok well now I can do runs again…well once i begin a new Druid. I’ll pop in once in a while when I grow bored of my 360.

Pfft, I play 360 when I grow bored of D2.

Thanks. Reinstalled this morning. I’ll get a nec or druid rolling later and I’ll update with my b-net name.

Make sure you dudes roll on west.

bnet name is colonface

bunch of junk i’d like to get rid of if anyone is interested:
raven frost with +15 dex
warcry skiller with +3 dex
white/blank monarch
nosferatu’s coil with 7% lifesteal

Hey guys I haven’t played D2 in a while but you make me want to start again =p I used to have a Trap/Kick assassin that I used for key runs and a Feral druid that could solo uber trist. I might reinstall, thinking about it makes me want to.

EDIT: Yeah I convinced myself. DLing and installing right now. Are you guys all on Ladder or Non-Ladder? I already know USWest.

Ladder USWest


Made my account, Pheratu. USWest on ladder. Starting up a sorceress so I can hopefully get some MFing going on in the near future.

If anyone needs a rush, give me a holler on SRK or Bnet.