Diagnosing a defective MadCatz TE Fightstick


As the topic suggests, I have a Tournament Edition Fight Stick, whenever the unit is plugged in, the unit behaves as if the stick is being pushed to the right.

Pushing it to the left on the xbox dashboard causes it to stop thinking it is being pushed to the right but actually pushing the stick to the right then does nothing (up, down and left all work) – this is in D-Pad mode and LS mode.

MadCatz are being extremely slow about the collection process so I’m contemplating cracking open the stick and having a poke around myself, I’m handy with electronics but I’ve not had experience with game controllers and I’m reaching the level of impatience where I just want to open it up and have a look.

My question is, is there a way to quickly/effectively diagnose where the problem lays (I assume it’s in the stick itself, the PCB or the wiring) – my first thought is to buy a replacement stick and swap it over inside the unit, that’ll eliminate one of three options, any other ideas?

Apologies if this belongs in another thread.


It sounds like you just have something hanging up inside the stick, or maybe a bad switch.

I say open it up. Probably an easy fix and I’m sure MC has their hands full with bad SE’s.