Diago believes E.Ryu doesnt have what it takes to reliably win tournaments?

ERyu made his list of characters that diago thinks “arnt top tier”.
not to say they have no shot, but something about the character is lacking enough that he thinks its unreliable.

Does anyone know what it might be about E-ryu that would get him on that list?
I know that list “doesnt mean @#$” and “in the right hands, most characters stand a chance”.

but does E Ryu have some shortcomings that would make it real hard?

Not a good enough mixup game I guess? I dont know. anyone know why he might have made this random list? Not that diago is God or knows all. but if anyone has " a damn decent guess".
Its probably Diago.

because a pissed off ryu isn’t as good as a calm one

it’s not really a random list though. all of the characters he lists as “not top tier potential” have issues. i can’t say i know much about evil ryu but it would seem like he has some problems at mid-range as well as opening people up.

What does calm ryu have that evil doesnt i wonder. Evils Crouching strong looks pretty quick and far.

  • Evil Ryu’s HP sucks
  • He cannot link light punches/kicks into his medium kick
  • Did I mention his HP sucks?
  • Yeah I dunno, that’s about all I know but you can’t really plink with Evil Ryu.

You’re better off with Gouki who can throw fireballs and mixups in the air.

Evil Ryu doesn’t have much of a mix up game, his teleport is useless, his cr.MK is slow, his SRK has poor range and his axe kick has a slow start up, the worst part? His Vitatlity and stun are low. So is Akuma but Akuma has faster normals and the fastest walking speed in the game.

yea, iwas trying Eryus links tonight. god @#$ why do they screw some characters and give others easy links? ill never get that. in 2012 does that hop kick at least overhead and link to combo? if so, id give him a real try, but if not, its basically useles, even IF you hop a low poke in non 2012… you cant even combo afte rthat so your just stuck point blank in a tied recovery? cause I couldnt even get quick atks to look non negative after the hop kick :frowning: such a shame. his focus atk is great… but half the cast eat focus atkers for lunch.

Damn, Diago Uhemara said that? You sure it wasn’t Diego Umejuarez? It might have been Doiga Uhamera actually…

Probably because he gets stunned so quick, that makes him pretty unreliable. But other than that, it’s probably just because(I’m guessing) he has alot of bad matchups. Which is what these tier rankings are made up of.


credits to overhead greg

^ E.Ryu seems very viable against E.Ryu.

Sako can body pretty much anyone using any character. That video just shows that Sako is still one of the best. Not that E.Ryu is good.

Who cares, and since when does a character have to be high tier to win a tournament? Tourney viability and tier placement are two different things, and even so there aren’t many matchups that are completely hopeless for one character.

ps. Move to E.Ryu forums.

The same was said about Seth before Poongko.

Daigo’s approach and style would never work with ERyu, so from his perspective ERyu “can’t” win. However that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have huge potential ala Seth.

The same was said about Adon before Gamerbee (JWong we lookin at you). I’ve seen some beastly E Reesys so I gotta take that statement with a grain of salt.

If Daigo said it, it must be treated as gospel. I mean, he’s freaking Daigo, the 5 time WCW champion. He can’t be wrong.

I’m calling it. Diago will get eliminated by some random Evil Ryu player at EVO 2012. Be there.

So you sayin that Daigo can do spinaroonies? xD I’d like to see that.

Because E. Ryu isn’t a real Street Fighter. Capcom should have brought in Dark Sakura, E. Ken, and Mech Gouki. Now those are real Street Fighters.

I remember when he said that he was gonna win EVO with Yun. How great would it be if a player with E.Ryu takes it this year. lol

Well. E. Ryu overlaps with Akuma and actual known tools of him are better so he will be always a lower tier and so cant be top.