Diago Umehara's Book - English Translation Crowdfund



As far as I know, there is no available english translation of Daigo’s book “The Willpower to Continue Winning”. I think I speak for many when I say that this would be a valuable resource for the English-speaking FGC and the e-sports community in general. I know there are many on this site who can translate Japanese --> English and would hopefully be interested in contributing towards a full translation. I would be willing to purchase and ship (3) copies of full text to people who are willing to work on the translation and can prove that they are trustworthy and accountable members of the community. To move this project along we need the following:

-Funders (purchase and ship copies of the text)

I’m not sure how the workload will be divided or how many copies we need yet because it depends on how much each translator is willing to do and how long the book is. Here is a link to the book:


Who is interested in moving forward with this project for the video gaming community?


Hahaha…fuck no.


What the fuck is E-sports? And how would Diago’s Biography be a valuable resource? He’s good because he’s been playing fighters for like 20+ years. Mystery Solved.

Also you paying people to translate this shit? Translating work; especially a 300+ page book isn’t what most consider fun or worth the time unless they’re getting something out of it.


But not permission from the author, editor, or the publishing company who printed the Japanese run of the book, right?

You know, the people that Manga translators and publishers get permission from and give cuts to when they publish it in another language?

Yeah, THIS looks real promising.


There’s no doubt that many people got something valuable out of reading the book, it is a best-seller in Japan. If all you are looking for is an interesting read, that’s enough. Of course we can’t pretend that this book somehow settles the issue of how to become good at fighting games, but in the best case it can provide some tools to having the right mindset. And many people have played for a long time without achieving success. Compensation is a free book and contributing to a worthwhile effort. If translation isn’t your cup of tea, that’s fine as well.

This isn’t a huge campaign that needs to catch the attention of any of those parties. All it takes is a few people to think it’s a worthy cause who are willing to dedicate a little time and effort. :wink:


There are tons of shit out on the internet and even this site that tells you what the right mindset is for fighting games.
Name 5 people who’ve played for as long as 10+ years without achieving some success.


Irrelevant, if you are collecting money for this endeavor publicly, they are going to want to know about it and they are most likely going to want a hand in your pocket.

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  3. it will get funded because of the fgc weeaboo shit.
  4. once it gets funded it won’t get made anyways because of blantant copyright infringements.
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I take it you know absolutely nothing about translation work at all.


Word, translation work is haaaaaaaard, especially from Japanese to English.


Translation is not that hard. Decoding the human genome, that’s hard. Understanding Quantum Mechanics, that’s hard. Translation is done by millions of people everyday, sometimes on the fly or live during tv shows or at the UN.

@OP: I don’t know what the copyright issues are, but I would suggest not paying anyone to translate. You’ve already brought attention to this and that’s pretty good. You’re just going to have to hope that someone will do it for free. I’m sure there’s someone who can translate who also wouldn’t mind sharing this with the FGC.


You could send an email to the publishing company to see what they think of your idea. Good luck.


Sure if you want a fast and shitty translation it ain’t hard (live event subs). If you want a good and accurate translation though it will take a lot of time and effort if you’re not almost 100% fluent in both languages.


On the fly Translation is always pretty shitty and just the gist of what the original speaker was trying to say.

Someone could be saying a long and beautiful poetry about soup and have it translate to “The soup was good”

Good translating is a lot of time and effort in trying to make the original text work with the language you’re trying to translate into and most of the time it doesn’t work so you have to make shit up to best fit it.


English is a very rough language to translate to because we have copulative verbs? and a bunch of other junk that isn’t in other languages. Multiple noun forms, tons of particles, a ridiculous amount of inefficiency in general. Since most people here learned English as a first language they just assume when other speakers learn English that they are stupid, but it’s just English is an inefficient language and people coming from other languages aren’t used to sticking the stuff into their speech.

A rough quick translation can get the idea across but most English speakers will not like it.


English is not the only inefficient language.

Every language has deficiencies. Period.


pay me 20 bucks and ill run it through google translate

babel fish will cost you extra


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My asian wife can translate for you.