Diagonal forward + HK

hey, just wondering how reliable you guys think this move is?.. ive been recently experimenting with it… i find it most relaible after you do an SAII super, super jump HK them to the floor, then do it right as they get up so they are suprised by it… if it hits, i follow thru with a down mk-kikoken/SAII if i have another… should i be using this move or is it really counterable?

i did saw justin wong lose against Ino because of it… but yea i use it alot too… but know that there is a damage reductionw ith the second SA2…

its pretty easy to parry i think… for the more experienced players… its the mindgame

It’s a move you’d throw out once in every 10+ games.

Even if people mix it up, you can usually see that move from a mile away. Most people only get hit by it when:

  1. they are not fimiliar with the move.
  2. whiffed a moved and got hit by it.
  3. missed the parry.

The best time to do that move is after u parry the last hit SA2, the flip kick will still hit and u can combo into ur own super.