Diagonal Woes


HI there. I’m not a stick enthusiast and really only look around inside mine when I have to.

I bought a stick because I wanted one to play SF4. I bought it from a local modder, and it’s one of those mayflash sticks that was hollowed out. The buttons have been replaced with sanwa buttons and a JLF. I have a square gate.

I’m trying to learn to do diagonal motions (like for example, Viper’s TK burn kick). The motion I want to use is 2149K. I have the timing correctly, but 90% of the time, Viper will jump straight up into the air (still performing the air burn kick). My inputs usually show something like this:

I feel like for sure I’m not hitting up at any point. This also happens when I ride the gate very very quickly around the edges, for example if I wanted to do a burn kick with a 2147412369K makeshift half circle motion, I will still get rogue “up” indications in my inputs, causing Viper to neutral jump.

I know that the stick combines two buttons (say, one up and one right) to create an up-right or up-left input, and that naturally it is easy to hit one first vs. the other. But this happens even when I make a conscious effort to avoid hitting “up.” It just seems to happen all the time to the point where I am beginning to wonder if there is something wrong with the part. I don’t have another stick, or anything to compare it with… this is the only arcade stick I’ve ever owned.

I ran the stick very slowly up towards the up right, and up left areas, and in 99% of cases I get either right, or up first before getting a diagonal. If I’m not mistaken, you should not have to ride the gate always to get a diagonal input, but it seems that unless I “roll” the stick from either left or up I simply cannot get one! It seems like if this were normal, a 2149K motion would not even be possible.

Please forgive my newbiness. Thanks in advance.


try it in a different game I had a somewhat similar problem when I started to play then I went to skull girls and nailed it every time. if you can’t do it in either game or another game it may be something with your stick but I have a feeling it has something to do with your execution and/or time I hope this helps


True you should not ride the gate as you will wear out your joystick out faster
but do not be afraid to use the gate as a guide so-to-speak.

For instance
You are using a square gate, stop thinking about movements as circles, and start thinking of quarter circles as L shape movements, like how a Knight moves on a chess board.

Its okay to occasionally hit the gate, but do not grind into the gate.


I have SG, but I have never played it. Can you suggest a character/move with a super jump/TK motion like Viper’s that I can try this motion on? :stuck_out_tongue:


Try thinking of the motion as 214569.


This motion doesn’t seem to get me the super jump :frowning:


The motion should be 21459 but it seemed like you keep hitting 8 so maybe if you compensate the other direction just a bit you may start hitting that 59 part more consistently. I think this is an execution thing and not hardware related. Check the C.Viper thread. Someone there might have some insight. She is far too execution heavy for me.