Diagonals not as reliable in MVC3

I have only played this game like twice because with my stick, a lot of the time, I get a vertical jump when I try to do an angled jump.

I never EVER have this problem on SSF4.

My stick is this one: and I’ve only had it about 6 months.

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Does anyone know what is going on?

Turn on input display in training and see for yourself?

I had the same problem with BlazBlue coming from SFIV. SFIV seems to be very lenient in how long it allows you to press a forward/backwards direction after hitting up, other games not so much. You’re probably used to hitting up before forward, try to hit the direction slightly before up instead.

Is your stick on the direction pad switch, or the left analog? Because I had problems when toggled on the left analog, diagonals would register half a second later. Happened on both HDR and SF4.

Aside from that ^, the ease of hitting diagonal jumps is related to how many frames of jump startup/jump cancel buffering you have as there is a tendency to hit up on the way to up forward. Doing Jill’s diagonal teleport from neutral is a pain since it has very few frames before it goes off but pretty easy when you hold up forward after a move that goes into stance.