Diamond in the dirt Battle Arena Toshiden 2! So who knows about this? Need to find out a few things


Battle Arena Toshiden 2 is a amazing fighter from a pretty bad franchise line of games. With only 4 buttons it boast as many normal attacks as any of the up to date new age 6 button fighters with some great combo potential and lots of interesting things such as side punish combos, attack from back combos etc. So I started playing this again a little while back and I am glad I did but there is a few questions I had I was hoping someone on here might know. First of all who actually owns the rights to this game is it nintendo, dream factory, tamara etc etc. Second is does anyone remember how to do the heavy attack cancels it is the one thing I cannot remember and before I invest any large amounts of time into trying to figure it out I thought it would be a good idea to see if anyone here knows/remembers how its done. Thanks for reading my post guys bless and thanks to Preppy for letting me post even though I am new blessie!


So ontop of still looking for the heavy attack cancels if anyone knows how it is done I thought I would drop some vids showing my transition from keyboard to stick and see what you guys think and if you lot got any general stick tips you can give me from the footage. I thought this might go under the arcade stick bit but as its more to do with fighting game tech and stuff plus still to do with toshiden thought it was best placed here

Playing on keyboard first getting back into this game with my main Eiji(The vid in the previous post was me playing Eiji on keyboard aswell with one round on and after remembering some stuff):

My first arcade stick play and practice;

First proper try with Kayin a character I did not play much but is shoto like similar to Eiji;

A few more vids as Kayin showing my improvements accross each vid(I am also making a vid showing the full extent of some combos with a few flicks of neutral game, movement and some other stuff);