Diary of a Hopelessly Bad Abel

hi guys I have seen some other threads from new abel players venting about getting BEAT DOWN on the regular and I figured let’s make a place for our kind to hang out and talk about what it’s like to get beat by people on their alt characters that are just trolling you because they know you don’t know what to punish

anyways, about my abel

  • i have been playing sf4 since July
  • i spend a long time every night in training mode, i am mad today because yesterday I was hitting that 1 frame link into fadc into FS/ultra like every time, literally 85%+ success rate i was so happy, and today I hit it like 15% of the time, ugh, im gonna get a nicer stick because sometimes this thing i got now wigs out
  • i just lost to a 3k PP t hawk player about 9 times in a row, I had him down to a tiny sliver in round 3, did ex roll on wakeup, he jumped back in the air, I did a standing short just to chip him and he did a frickin ULTRA on me because he landed right behind me, I was pretty mad at getting trolled like that
  • some other guy switched to abel and put a bunch of pressure on me, it’s tough playing against abel lol when it’s played right it’s so cool and i wanna play like that!!

i just feel like my stepkick range is so short though, and that I have only 1 setup against ppl when they wake up, 0 if they have a DP.

  • i have been working a lot on anti airing and now I am able to effectively cl.HP quite a lot of the time, cr.mk i’m starting to use too but I find that one harder to connect with.

anyways my fellow new abel players, I like dogs, let’s talk.

dear journal:

today I played my friend for about an hour, unfortunately he is even worse than me so I won 80% of the games, he is gtting better though- today is the first day I he hit me regularly with fadc ultra(he plays ryu), which is a big step imo

as for me I was able to lay down the 1 frame link a couple times in a match earleir today but I ended up losing 4 of 5 to a juri player online, I really don’t know what to do against wheel kick, other than “i can’t jump in on their wakeup if they have ex wheel kick”, writing that one down! i was hanging in there but I just didn’t know where the gaps were :*(

then I got bodied by a Vega player adn I don’t even know where to begin AT ALL with that one lol

finally I met a ken player who seemed very new and got a couple wins, bringing my confidence up to “hey, there ARE people online that don’t see you as a free win” level. Today’s ending PP: 508

if you may, try posting some videos of your gameplay up so we can point out what may be wrong with it. Otherwise, practise makes perfect. Just keep on playing and getting that character experience.

I appreciate the offer to critique my vids and that is DEFINITELY something that I plan on doing, but for right now my problems are much more basic than that- I am missing “bread and butters” more often than I’m hitting them still, spending a lot of time in training mode(roughly an hour a night), so when I come around to where I feel like my tool set is ready, I will show vids and enjoy criticisms.

I know that a lot of this thread is me talking about getting beaten badly but I don’t want it to seem like whining or anything. I consider myself a pretty competitive person/gamer so I am enjoying the experience of being new to a game and starting basically from scratch. I want this thread to be a lot about getting better and, most of all, something I can look back in someday when I’m a more competent player and laugh at like “oh man i can’t believe I was ever that bad”.

Today I got beat 4x times in a row by an Adon player who spammed the wall kick special and always did a throw or neutral jump right after. I was pretty frustrated at getting beat by this obvious cheese tactic but I was pretty stumped as to what to do, and the 5th game I finally discovered that neutral jumping as he went up gave me good time to punish with cr.HP->FS, which just feels so good every time you do it, so I finally beat him. Felt good man

PP up to 768, went 4-4!!! I guess during the day it’s possible to encounter players with sub-2500 PP :slight_smile:

Had some good games, fought Balrog, was very hard!! 3 different rog players, this one guy kept coming at me with the overhead, I was blocking it but I didn’t know what to do after block, he kept beating my standing short with a jab and opening me up repeatedly

Fortunately I started to cross him up with jumping MK and was able to work some totalyl sweet bnbs and get the kill…as i started my ultra to win round 3 he d/c’d…glad someone out there I’m playing is even more frustrated than me hahahaha :)))

Also the best day of training mode yet, I took that dummy wall to wall with stepkick->fierce cod->fadc->launch->FS like 5 times in a row with no blocks, at the end there I had to check and see if I still had it on auto block and it was, bueno. tonight I am going to learn some more roll tricks, in online matches I have started (sparingly, like twice per game) throwing a roll all the way to the other side of em and going for the launcher, I am surprised at how effective it is. also starting to apply more pressure with shorts + jabs from crouching so that I can setup a counterhit step kick, I took that one from watching Chris Hu abel videos. I like his style a lot, it’s very straightforward and easy for me to follow, unlike Strider and Juicebox who I think are better, but when I watch them I can’t understand why they are doing some of the things that they do

1k PP here i come

there you go man, you’re learning. I mean, it’s not all about BNBs. There are footsies, tick-throws, setups to learn. Take it one step at a time, it’s what I did and I’ve leveled up significantly. Though I still can’t anti-air with close st.hp well. Everything comes along with experience.

Against characters like Rog, harass them on wakeup. Keep the cross up pressure.

great, this thread is now 4 spots above the abel complete guide lol

OP get a blog or summin lol

i was planning on making this a blog actually, is that ok lol

wow I just klost the most infuriating match

also i am up to 1400 PP (woo)

anyways it was a ken that just jumped away the ENTIRE MATCH and spammed HK in the air, would randomly heavy tatsu from the ground so it made it scary to chase

I got beat by it im really angry right now I hate this game os much

anyone have suggestions for what to use to upload videos? well rather i need to record em, i’m playing on PC, what’s the best screen capture software?

blown back down to 1000 PP lol, ouch!!! this is too frustrating against sakura players, i gotta start reading frame data to know when I can try to escape from block strings, this is the “non fun” part of the game I feel like I am getting into :((

yep… frame data helps :smokin:

Dear Diary, I’m guessing you also want a small buff on Abel’s Tornado Throw distance… WHY U NO GRAB PLP @ CLOSE RANGE??

i don’t understand the throw invincibilty, I rolled into a dhalsim and flashed yellow for TT but then I got thrown before my throw hit, I don’t understand the particulars of the game mechanics lol

also i have the worst stick in the world i think im ready to move to a man’s arcade stick

seeya later Wii TVC stick

EX. Tornado throw has hit-invincibility frames but not throw-invincibility frames.
regular Tornado throws of each strength has throw-invincibility frames, but not hit-invincibility frames.

oh!!! i thought it was throw invincible, good to know thx

A lot has happened in the last 5 days!!!

  • holding steady at 1600 PP, glorious “upper poor class” master race
  • I have added a couple more gimmicks(successfully) to the arsenal, neutral jumping on their wakeup to bait shit and then tornado throw on landing
  • also soulless per your recommendation I have tried to incorporate the tick throw into my arsenal, mostly I spam c.lp on their wakeup and then TT after the blocked one, it has worked all 2 times i tried it lol
  • I still haev the terrible terribel habit of always dashing in after I focus attack, I really need to stop that
  • I got the “10 wins in a row” achievement for winning ranked matches, I was super happy
  • My sparring partner went through a similar overnight transformation with evil ryu and now is doing that disgusting mr naps combo all over the place so sometimes I am getting bodied, it’s awesome

I AM GOING TO MY FIRST TOURNAMENT this weekend im so frickin nervous you don’t even know!!! the poeple that are there are like filipinio champ, ricky ortiz, lamerboi, and 60 other people that will eaisly body me(64 man bracket) but fuck it it’s in my city, maybe I will meet some new people to play with, I don’t know if inner sf circles enjoy having new players around, I will find out man

also it’s at a pizza place so worst case scenario I will just get hammered and vomit all over my tvc stick which I could afford to part with anyways

up to 1700 PP! i didnt get a chance to make it out to that tournament as I was sick :((
i just got bodied by a Gen player incredibly hard I don’t even know where to begin, he dives off the wall and idk if it’s safe or what? but he can tech my throws coming out of it so bleh

pretty frustrating because it was a close match then he realized i didn’t know what to do aganist the walldive and starte dwalldiving me all match lol :(((

also i get beasted on by Zangief because I can’t get out after I get knocked down, this dude I play fairly often now does 3 setups
a) wakeup lariat
b) wakeup 360 kick throw
c) jumping bellyflop crossup into throw

it is such a hard matchup lol, I am able to bait him into doing stuff and effectively utilize wheel kick at range but after he is in it’s like good night for me lol

These journals be oddly entertaining XP How to beat Zangief = bitch. bitch like you never have before. cr.mk, st.lk, f.mk without dashing(for mashed spds) very occasional wheelkick. There’s not much else to do lol. Only other thing- TT them out of their ultra. that shit is fun.

And Gen is bullshit. he just has stupid tricks