Diary of a Raider: A dramatic telling of the everyday happenings of an MMO raider

This is something I’m trying to get started. The idea for it stems from my “withdrawal” from my retirement from World of Warcraft. I figured I could channel those desires into some creative writing. Basically, it will just be what usually happens in a raid and in boss fights, but just told in an over-the-top, dramatic fashion.

I’ve only just started it up, so I’ll be editing the layout and stuff like that as time goes on. Plus, the first entry is just a warm up of sorts. They will be getting much more dramatic as time goes on.

Diary of a Raider

I hope people express interest. Tell your friends!

I think it would be better if it was not told from a novel point of view. I would be more interested in stuff like, how much work does it actually take to kill this miniboss. How much work does it take to kill this boss? What do each of the team members have to do (working together) to be able to take one of the biggest bosses down? How do each person’s abilities work their way into the team-play aspect of the game? How does your character rely on your teammates to get the jobs done? How many people are in the guild? How do you guys divvy up the awesome loot (who’s turn is it?/who decides that?)?

You know, stuff like that. A lot of my friend’s used to play this game/still play, and I am wondering, you know, how much work is actually required? Or can you just like chill a lot of the time and let the other teammates do stuff while you sit back and watch? Is it as easy as like just hitting one button over and over and over just to damage the boss to death??? How much work is demanded of a player when playing between PVE(player vs. environment) and PVP(player vs. player) combat? Which is easier? Why??

You know, that type of stuff… I’m interested.

Pretty good idea, but I’d really like to see it done from the perspective of a raid leader, or someone else heavily involved in guild structure. I’ve always wondered HOW those people are able to be online 95% of the time.

Thank you for the input guys. That would probably give me a LOT more material to work with. I’ll keep it in mind for my next update!

Are you serious? Hella soft.

But who isn’t next to you?

You’re looking at him.

I’m going to redo the first post entirely, given the comments. I have an idea. It will still sorta be novel, but it will be done from the raid leader’s perspective instead, and will feature all dialogue. The descriptions will be given by the speakers.

Also, I will ask that all criticism be constructive and do not derail the thread.