Diary of a ripper

“Well I started off my day today searching various graphics forums for something to borrow, a background, some airbrushing, anything. Thats what I do, I rip ppl’s werk off, I are teh Ripper…”

That was a direct quote from Evil-"teh Ripper"Ken after the debacle in his request thread, he also PMed this to me:

Ripper am I??? Your right, I admitt I stole the bg. But, guess what…have you seen my current avatar???/ I’ll give you $1,000,000 if you find out where I stole this if you think I did. You know why I’m saying this price, because you never will find the bg to because, I made it. Also, have you seen my other one’s…??? No?

Notice how he didnt give me time to respond at the end after the multiple question marks from the first question, then moved in to another question.

Well some know what happened, if you do not go check his latest request thread. Comment here.

Thread here http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/thread47081.php

He was supposed to make me an avatar, and yesterday night he said it’d be done that now. Now I ask him, and he says it will be done sometime soon, and he’s working “very hard on it.”

TG is 1337


Also, Magnetix, could you take that shit off your Devart page now?


I stole something ONE time! Doesnt mean that I’m a complete ripper. And you told me to learn to make my own avatars right? Guess what buddy, I do! Look at my curent one. Not stolen, the only thing in the picture not made by me is the photo, which i got from fhmus.com. Stop calling me a total ripper cause, I’m not a total ripper. I felt like taking it and I did. Nothing more.

Shut up.

I cant log in my account,it says my password is wrong and wont send it through email >.>

dont worry, I’m not gonna take anything. BTW, if it says your password is wrong, it can mean the following:

  1. You have been banned
  2. You have changed your password
  3. Your file was corrupted
  4. The server is down

Also two more rippers found at TM:

NoTorious and vordulmega.

The NoTorious dude also goes by kik on other forums.

Evil-Ken: die.

Methinks I may have come across a million dollars…

Keep that shit on the down low for now.


So Evil-Ken, did he rip you or did you rip him? Do you have proof? If not I want my 1 million dollars you bet me. Oh and if you dont have proof, dont bother posting, just stay out of IMM.


**Burn!!1!!1 **


i do have proof, I still have the full .PSD file that hasn’t been been flattened. Right when I find it, I’ll tell you.

lol…surrrrree the .psd thats on your other computer right??

dude, u rip and ya blow…you steal other ppls work and crap them up with your half-assed skill, stop…just stopno one want to wear excuses, this isnt grade school own up and move on.

copy paste > change opacity


i vote for ripp @_o

hmmm so he ripped from a ripper…isnt that like fucking yourself twice??!

well… that makes it ok i guess… i think ill make a tag that rippers can ripp… then another ripper can ripp the ripper and it just keeps going!! :smiley: