Diavle's art thread


Here they are:

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Wow. Ryu is looking fabulous! But seriously, I’m digging your style.

^Thanks, really appreciate it.

why you gotta make ryu a fag?

Agreed…although your style appeals to me.


I understand you’re new to the FanArt board, but we don’t allow these kinds of comments. You’re entitled to your opinion that you don’t like the way the artist has done it… so just say so objectively.

Something along the lines of “I don’t like the way you’ve drawn Ryu. He doesn’t look manly enough / he looks too metrosexual / etc” is fine.


btw Hi Diavle. are you the same Diavle formerly from S-C.com?

That’s a nice style you got. Do you have any other ‘female’ drawings in this style? (Don’t judge me too quickly! I just like looking at females, both real and animated! Ahhh!)

Cool pic. your style is really interesting cept I don’t see any resemblance in Sakura at all.

These forums have some really immature people on here hanging out to waste time, in a really informal manner, yet you sound like a librarian saying to kids “Don’t run in the library!”. That was actually a funny comment that ShotoMindTricks said, as I was just about to say the same thing! Man, I don’t understand what these forums are supposed to be! :arazz:

I like your style but what’s up with Ryu’s foot? :wtf:

I think what he said was pretty easy to understand. If you don’t have something constructive to say or can’t formulate your thoughts in a constructive way, then keep your comments to yourself. Whether or not you think the previous comment was funny doesn’t matter, it was pointless and not necessary in this forum. If you don’t understand what this forum is or how to use it, then it’s pretty simple, don’t use it.

I’ve already replied to SFIII via PM. Let’s not clutter up this art thread with this discussion.

but thx for the gesture goleafsgoaz :slight_smile:

yeah, that doesn’t look like sak to me =[
still, your style is unique and fresh

i was just trying to crack a joke and ask a real question at the same time. guess i share different humor. but really though:

what lead you to making ryu seem more feminine?

Well this is odd, I posted in this thread quite a while back but my post seems to have been deleted.

Yup its me, long time no see.

I was actually all set up for a usual serious pose but jokingly tried something odd and couldn’t stop giggling at prospect of Ryu in such a pose, the initial version actually made him stronly resemble a balerina lol.

Angel and K9999 Fanart


Here are Angel and K9999 from KOF:

And here are their portraits:

If you are bored you can try spotting a strand of my hair in one of the pics (got into the scanner without me knowing, left it in for kicks).

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some posts were lost when a backup of the forums was restored a while back. You post is probably one of the casualties.

hi btw.
good to see you here :slight_smile:



I like your style. its certainly different. more of a designer’s style IMO. but who cares what i think. seems everyone else likes your art too. i like ur k9999 and angel art too.