Diavle's art thread


somehow, you make these impossible poses work… and even make sense. :slight_smile:


Thanks bro, I was thinking of a pose and for some reason the word teapot flashed in my head, didn’t know if it would click with ppl but found it too funny to resist XD


Yea I was going to say. The poses to me seem off at first but then looking at them close they work out. Nice work so far. Keep em coming.


@ Diavle: I was referring more to her foot placement than her hands.
At first it’s a bit like, “huh? That doesn’t seem quite right…” but like Nocturnal said, it works out once you look at it.


@ Nocturnal: Thanks, as long as it works its all good hehe.

@ Rook: Yeah, kinda thought so. When you think of a teapot the hands take a pretty specific position so you keep it simple and clear. The legs were the problem since I wanted them to be interesting and a little out of the ordinary (in placement and action), that’s why I figured if ppl had any issues it would be with the lower body. Luckily it seems to have worked out in the end.


Heisen Co is great what did you make this with Illustrator I can’t even tell



Hsien-Ko and all the works prior are pencil lines scanned and colored with Photoshop. All the works after are first inked in Illustrator and then colored in Photoshop.


Here are Yuri and Ryo:


Damn that’s probably my favorite piece so far. Looking forward to what you do next!


Great stuff! I like your style.


As a guy who draws…things, this thread makes me feel miserable.
So much win in every picture.


Happy to hear that man. Not sure what the next fanart will be yet but after the last three I’m gonna try and give SNK a little rest for now.

Thank you :smiley:

Thanks very much but no need to underestimate yourself, you have some amazing work in your thread which floored me. Your ability to detail is truly special.


Really feeling the art style here! Keep it up. :slight_smile:


^ Thanks man.

Here are Elena and Blanka:


Damn. Those are nice shoes.

Freud would like a word with me right now.


Err… didn’t expect anyone to get turned on by Blanka’s shoes.


Wasn’t referring to his. :V

I’ve used the wrong word, didn’t I?


Phew… had me worried there for a sec lol.


Blanka’s oozing class. Didn’t think he had it in him.

Awesome pic.


^Thanks man, decided to aim for class/elegance instead of good looks (was gonna turn him into a pretty boy at first lol).

Here are Jenny (MOTW) and Johnny (GG):