Diavle's art thread


^ Thanks man.

Here are Elena and Blanka:


Damn. Those are nice shoes.

Freud would like a word with me right now.


Err… didn’t expect anyone to get turned on by Blanka’s shoes.


Wasn’t referring to his. :V

I’ve used the wrong word, didn’t I?


Phew… had me worried there for a sec lol.


Blanka’s oozing class. Didn’t think he had it in him.

Awesome pic.


^Thanks man, decided to aim for class/elegance instead of good looks (was gonna turn him into a pretty boy at first lol).

Here are Jenny (MOTW) and Johnny (GG):


Here’s Kula from King of Fighters:


Kula is one of the best yet. Awesome work! :tup: Would love to see your take on King!


I don’t know why but Kula’s pose there and look reminds me of Morrigan. Not sure why though. Maybe it’s just me. Great pose though.


Blimey, this is too good.


Thanks guys :smiley:

The pose not so much but the look yeah, I noticed the similarity as well but too late when the pic was pretty much done.


Did this one for a friend, here’s Elisabeth from KOF:


God, you’re so amazing. :<


Woooow! I just picked up KOFXIII, loooove Elisabeth! Great job man


You guys are too nice, thanks very much :smiley:

Yeah I tried her out in XIII and couldn’t immediately click with her gameplay, definitely not a style I’m used to. I know she is good though from all the match vids I’ve seen so will be putting time into her.


Finally got into starting to play KoFXIII. The pic makes me even more excited to use Elisabeth!


Love your art, wish I could create stuff like that. Especially all the cool angles :stuck_out_tongue:


^Thanks buddy, happy you likee.

Here are Poison and Hugo:


Every time I come back to this thread, I always get that inspiring feeling to do better. Once again, amazing work diavle!