Diavle's art thread


Griffith from Berserk:


thats awesome. Havent read Berserk in a while but the earlier part of the manga was awesome


Thanks :slight_smile:

Haven’t read the manga but the anime series is still one of my favourites, Griffith and Guts were such great characters.


Just finished a new one:

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Leona and Iori:


love the Orochi pic


Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Heya guys, some new works:




Abel and Eve



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that’s a cool Hsien-Ko.


Clean work as usual. Your line-less pieces are coming out nicely


Great work in his entire thread! love that ryu on the very first page. Clean and fun stlye!


Thank you :slight_smile:

Glad to hear! I was unsure about trying that route.

Hehe thanks, I got a lot of heat for that Ryu back then.

Oh and love me some character action games so just finished Bayonetta:


Here’s Ukyo from SamSho:

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Team Korea:

Chun Li and Mai:

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Some more works since the last batch:

Lady from Devil May Cry



Here’s Ryu:


whoa, really liking that stained glass window pic. Your stuff is always great.


Thanks man, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Did that one for a friendly competition.


You have a very unique style man! I’m adding you on DA.


Thanks so much bro :slight_smile: