Dic: Is there a way to change fake slide to real, and vice versa?

Sometimes when I am already committed to a real slide, I see that they are blocking low (bad for me) and I end up fake sliding and then throwing, or j. mk instant overheading which is much better than the bad situation.

Or if I go for a fake slide, but see that Gief is lariating, I can end up real sliding and tripping him.

I am wondering if there is a bug where you can change mid-slide, or if the start up frames of the slide are interruptable by different directional inputs, or maybe I am just THINKING about real sliding, and then mid-way through holding down-back I see that the proper slide is a FAKE, and then pressing d/f+k really quickly? Or is there a bug where if your real slide will be blocked it will randomly turn fake?

Probably my imagination, but wondering if anyone else has noticed this, I have done it a few times where I surprise myself…

The only times that I’ve used fake slide when I didn’t want to was when my opponent was in the air, say after a whiffed flash kick or dragon punch, or possibly a cross up or Yoga-teleport, and I pressed DownForward+Roundhouse and because of the directional switch I got the fake slide instead of the actual slide as I had entered the command in too late or buffered it in to the point where it came out on the wrong side.

Not a big fan of the fake slide, haven’t seen it used in a match effectively yet, and I rarely use it.

Don’t think of the Fkae Slide as a fake slide. Use it as a dash. You see people Dash and THrow all the time in Third Strike, when they know they’e trained people to be scred of an attack. Use it like that, and it’ll be WAY more effective. THere is a range where Standing Roundhouse hits at the tip and is SUPER effective that the Fake Slide was just MADE for. Use Stand Roundhouse 85% of the time and throw in Fake Slides into Throws occasionally. You’ll see a HUGE jump in results. I think I land Fake Slide into Throw about 60% of the time I try it. Which is a really good percentage.

  • James

^ That’s how I think of it, too. It works well when I use it that way, just as long as I don’t do it too much.