Dicking around with Zero combos

Hey, I have spent all my time on this game on zero, and alot of it in training mode, so I figure I should share what I learned.

I put up 6 or so combos on a shitty quality camera and am having tragic upload some other combos in better quality (although if that doesn’t pan out I will do it shitty camera style, or maybe record it at spooky’s). Either way, here are 6 or so fun/funny combos that should help the way you think about zero combos. In matches these days I find myself making up things on the fly, do I want to do a triple zero buster combo? How many hits have I done going into the first launch? When I get my initial hits I try to take stock if I have a z buster almost ready for an early launch or a late launch. Things like that, but they built off alot of ideas I put up in these combos I think (and the ones tragic will hopefully cap).

Combo 1: [media=youtube]7Rbz2fU_kBc[/media]
2B, 2C, 5S, jB, Release Z Buster (1 hit), land, 5B, 2C, 5S, jB, jB, 236 C, Wolverine Beserker Slash, 2367 C, (wolverines assist shoves them out of corner), 5S, jB, jB, Release Z Buster (now this hits them back into the corner despite zero facing the wrong way), 623 A back into the corner, 5C + Doom Rock Assist, 5S, 2367 C, Super.
781k Damage

1 super bar, 2 assists, this combo is definately more for fun than anything. Simply going up with them with 2 b’s, dive kicking down, putting out you assist, going back up with 2 b’s into a z buster ect, land, second assist dive kick launcher jump Z buster 623 A, dive kick, super will do around 900k. This one WAS fun though because if you get one hit off on your buster, you will reduce hit proration a decent amount, and you can land well in time to continue a combo without 623 A, neat! Also, if zero ends up on the other side of the opponent, he will autocorrect his z buster shot much of the time, letting you follow up the wrong way.

Combo 2: [media=youtube]msiFetcYZ7o[/media]
Any assist that can pick back up into launcher after otg dive kick will work. Use the one with less hits first to keep combo damage up. This is basically the strongest punisher you could hope for without XFC and still level 1. Somewhat boring, wolvie pushes them out, just happens to be who my friend uses, we actually use barrage at the moment, but I wanted to show maximum punish potential.

Notation is 2B, 2C, 5S, jump, j.B, j.B, 236C, land, call wolvie beserker slash assist, 2367 C, assist hits, 5S, jump, j.B, j.B, release Z buster, 623 A, 5S, jump, j.B, j.B, j.C, j.S, call doom, 2367C, 5S, jump, release Z buster, 623 A, 2367 C, super.

Combo 3: [media=youtube]DLi8eHB2axo[/media]

This is just a fun loop off a charged Z buster. Funny to see it carry from midscreen. A more practical combo would be dash up 5B, 5C, 6C, 5S, jump, j.B, j.B, z buster, 263 A, land, (optional 5C), 5S, jump, j.B, j.B, j.C, j.D, land super. The loop in the video is z buster, 623 A, jump B, B, C, S, jump, B, B, C, S, land, S, jump j.B, z buster, 623 A, 5S, jump B, B, C, D, super.

Combo 4: There is no 4 loser.

Combo 5 [media=youtube]JNmgiZIjres[/media]

Midscreen hit detect into XFC into killing sent with 1 Bar no assist mid screen. I actually use an alternate now very similar that kills sent with no bars. Obviously it is very easy to kill other characters. XFC helps people who do long combos, and zero’s are very long so he takes good advantage of it. Now in this video, I actually leave sent 1 hit shy of dying because I wanted to add in the fast fall after the z buster in the air because it looks cool. If you omit the last 6C and instead add in a 623 A after the z buster, it will kill sent. I will notate if anyone actually cares enough to ask.

Combo 6: [media=youtube]lmin2plz9fo[/media]

Zero can instant overhead sent with jump B even if he is duck blocking. Fuck Sentinel and people who play him. If you play him, I hope you die to this combo often. You can easily hit an XFC after the sweep and meld this and combo 5 to hit a touch of death combo on sentinel, and as far as I am concerned, it is always worth it to kill sent. Still, instant overhead, dead sent, good deal right? Again, will notate if anyone cares.

A few of the combos use assists, a few don’t, some use XFC. I suppose next I should show a general XFC kill combo with no meter (Very easy with assists, even sent, still possible without). If I do anymore, I might quit the game in a day or two. Either way, carry on Zero peoples, I will play now and then, here and there, maybe.