Dictator Assault on EVO 2012




I don’t care if the world is against us in this game. Dictator is soooo much better in a lot of ways that many will not understand.

Get in dat purpleeeeeeeeee


Didn’t do so great! Well ok we (fellow Portland player Fullmetalross) did make it out of our pool but were already in the losers bracket. From the quarterfinals we beat Rip’s team and then lost to a Zangief/Hugo team (not completely upset about that since Zangief is so ridiculous for Bison). Wish I had done better, I really hate the 2v2 format for tournaments but hey it is what it is.


dont take it seriously. It’s 2v2. Also 4 of top whatever had Ryu. Did you see the new nerf notes? Tasu is done. But wow, that nerf on juri’s super, Bisons will do more now by 25 points :x


:eek: 2v2 is awesome if you have enough time to spend with your partner to study each other beneficially.

That’s probably a discussion for a different thread, though. Good stuff regardless! :smiley: