Dictator Combo Thread: He rules with an Iron Fist...of Energy!

Ok, I figured since most people don’t want to sift through some pages in the Dictator thread we may as well post up combos we’re doing(confirmed combos or any findings) here.

Basic bnb that I do in match:

[LIST] c.jabx2 c.short xx lk scissors
c.jabx2 c.forward xx lk scissors
c.strong xx EX scissors
c.forward xx EX scissors

From what I’ve played already, he can also link c.strong twice and connect with lk scissors or c.strong c.forward xx lk scissors.


*any combo ending in scissors kicks can be followed up with super
*I put the maximum amount of hits you can do with a particular move in parentheses. Sometimes it is best to cut links one hit short to ensure that they will hit. For instance
sometimes c.lkx4 does not hit because of range/character so sometimes it’s best to only do 2/3 lks instead of the 4 into sk
*psycho crusher can usually be used in place of sk if you want more stun

c.lk(x4), lk/mk/ex sk (damage 130/154) (stun 265/405)
c.lk, s.lk, c.mk, lk/mk/hk/ex sk (damage 173/183/197/204) (
c.lk, s.lk, s.lk, s. hk (damage 159)
c.lk, s.lk, s.lk, s.mk (damage 123)

s.lk, c.lk(x2), lk/ex sk (damage 136/164)
s.lk,s.lk, lk/ex sk (damage 140/172)
s.lk, s.lk, s.hk

c.lpx3, c.lk, lk/ex sk (damage 158/182)
c.lpx2,c.mk, lk/mk/hk/ex sk (damage 186/193/207/214)
c.lp, s.lp, (plink it for easy links) c.mk, lk/mk/hk/ex sk (damage 186/193/207/214)
c.lp, s.lp, s.lk, s.hk (damage 168)
c.lp, s.lp, c.mp, lk/mk/hk/ex sk (damage 194/201/210/222)
c.lp, s.lp, c.mp, s.mk (damage 173)

s.hp, c.lk, lk/ex sk (damage 220/252)
s.hp, lk/mk/hk/ex sk (damage 220/230/250/260)

c.mp, lk/mk/hk/ex sk (damage 180/190/210/220)
c.mp, c.mk (plink it for easy hits), lk/mk/hk/ex sk
c.mp, s.hk (hard) (damage 200)
c.mp, c.mp, lk/mk/hk/ex sk

combo into ultra:
j.mpx2, ultra (damage 458)
focus attack crumble>ultra (damage 486)
ultra can also be used as an anti-air if you are boss

dizzy combos:
lvl 3 FA, ultra (damage 486)
j.hp, s.hp, hk sk (
lvl 3 FA, s.hp, hk sk

ex headstomp(opponent in air), ex shiny hands

anti-air combos

ex head stomp > ex skull diver = 280 dmg & 300 stun 330 dmg & 350 stun on counter hit
j.mp 1 hit, s.hp/s.hk = 170 dmg & 250 stun
j.mp delayed 1 hit, hp_ex psycho crusher = 180/190 dmg & 250 stun
j.mp delayed 1 hit, hp psycho crusher xx hk super = 324 dmg & 250 stun
j.mp x2, ultra = 458 dmg & 100 stun
fa lvl 1, ultra = 448 dmg & 100 stun
fa lvl 2, s.hk = 186 dmg & 310 stun
fa lvl 3, cr.hk = 238 dmg & 360 stun
fa lvl 3, ex pc/sk = 262 dmg
fa lvl 3, j.mp x2, ultra = 481 dmg

Best punish combo (with charge): crouching jab, standing MP, crouching MK xx Knee Press.

Best punish combo (without charge): Close fierce, short, roudnhouse

Then of course the normal jump in MK (or Roundhouse but it doesn’t feel like it crosses up as well as it does in ST) into jabs, shorts, Scissors, etc. I’ve seen someone do crouching short x4 into Scissors.

Technically a “combo” - jumping MP juggles into Ultra or Psycho Crusher (EX only?)

Ok so yeah, some of those combos are wrong. But anyway here you go.

1.) low jab, stand jab, low forward, scissor kick or psycho crusher. Easy link combo thats his most dependable and fairly damaging combo.

2.) One hit jump strong, land, stand fierce, go for mix up.

3.) Jump strong, strong, wait, ex scissor kick for two hits. Doing psycho crusher instead of scissor kick is easier but less damaging I think.

4.) Dash up, stand fierce, low short, scissor kick. Hot combo thats damaging and easy. Doing this off a focus is very realistic.

5.) Stand fierce, stand short, stand roundhouse. Not actually that realistic at all, even if the guy is dizzied right in front of you. In a dizzy situation, go for jump fierce, stand fierce, roundhouse scissors kick, then do a headstomp for a 97% guaranteed headstomp chip.

6.) low strong, stand forward. Actually I only got this once, and it took me 50 attempts, but it’s real.

I’ve done it with Jab Psycho Crusher. I’m pretty sure you can do it with any of them.

c.strongx2 xx scissors is real. Finally did it.

I can attest to this as I did see it happen.

You’re better off using EX Psycho. It’s a much more guaranteed hit.

Does anyone have the exact notation of combo’ing into Ultra of Focus attack crumple?

Is it:

FA hold for lvl 2/3, (charge Back), release FA hits, f,f to dash, b, f+3K’s

Or is it:

FA hold for lvl 2/3, release FA hits, dash and buffer the charge back as early as possible in the dash, f,b,f+3K’s

Or can you (as I have seen in a vid) :

FA hold for lvl 2/3, (charge back), release FA hits, no dash butwait for the FA to recover then f,b,f+3k’s

Thanks in advance.

Sup, I notice people don’t like to type in detail here, so it’s hard to get your question answered.

So this is how it works:

(You don’t have to be charged initially before you do the FA.)

Press FA, hold back immediatly, release FA when it gets to level 2, tap forward twice, hold back immediately, after the dash animation completes wait .5 seconds. then do back, forward, back, forward, 3 kicks.

A very helpful note is this, as soon as the FA hits, tap forward twice, YOUR CHARACTER WILL NOT DASH IMMEDIATELY, so don’t react to the character animation. Just tap forward twice, then hold back immediately. The animation will come out sort of late, but your charge will still be stored.

There’s no charge partitioning in this situation, it’s just storing your charge. Hope this wildly detailed post helps you out.

Is this how you do st.fp to Scissors as well? It would make sense if you wait just a split second after the dash and the the st.fp into scissors.


Thanks a lot, so it’s buffer the charge directly after the dash input.

So FADC, st.HP, cr.LK xx scissors is the same also.

I’m pretty sure you don’t have to be charging immediately to do that combo, the stand fierce stays out so long that it basically gives you a charge in order for you to link the low short, then scissors.

Things like this confuse me, cause is there “official” notations to what FADC actually means?
I always think of FADC to mean cancelling a move into the FA and then immediately dashing out of it. But the Bison combos listed seem to be off FA crumple, dash up into whatever…ie NOT FADC cause you want the FA to actually hit to cause the crumple.
Does this make sense? I’m just really fussy over terms and i keep seeing FADC being used for both types I listed.

Also, does Bison have any FADC combos?
Like scissors, FADC, something? Or are these really not worth doing? Have only had the opportunity to play the game once and that was aaaaages ago. :sad:


Nothing has been found out of scissors as far as I know… Bison doesn’t really have any other big S/FADC moves uness he has some crazy S/FADC normal thats hot shit.

EDIT: Oh man just reading POscrubs notes… has anyone tried S/FADCing the Psycho crusher, it puts people in a juggleable state on hit! maybe you can do some crazy shit! Pyscho crusher S/FADC j.mp x 2 , ultra! haha I doubt that works but you get the idea.

No dice. Perhaps I should’ve chosen better words, or not removed the special from special juggle state. Regardless, the problem is only moves with “can juggle” are allowed to hit people in the juggle state. Sadly, j. MP does not have the “can juggle” property. None of his normals do. So it’s pretty useless, because any of his stuff that can juggle won’t get there in time, which was the verdict the Bison thread arrived at.

ah okay. lame.


FADC means Focus Attack Dash Cancel.

There is no move listed before the FADC in that combo so it’s quite obvious that it means Dash Cancel out of the Focus Attack. If there is no move listed before the FADC what would be the point in doing the FADC without the hit? If a move is listed directly before FADC then you are canceling out of it, if not then it’s the first move.

His point is that FADC means focus attack dash cancel, but it’s possible to dash cancel both before the FA hits and after. So the term is not as precise as it could be.

Obviously in the above combos we’re talking about hitting with a Focus attack then dash cancelling the hit into a combo. However, Ryu’s anti-air ultra set up would be written dp xx FADC, ultra. Which is a different meaning of the term FADC.

It’s not always clear which is meant because you can do combo’s in which the FA is cancelled into, it connects, then dash cancelled out of into more hits (as opposed to dash cancelling the start up of the FA)… though I guess that’s a discussion for a different thread.

But the point is that it obviously means off the FA hit DC, as it’s the first move in the listed combo. Otherwise you might as well just say “dash then combo” which is pointless. If it said scissors xx FADC then fine but it doesn’t.