Dictator Combo Thread: He rules with an Iron Fist...of Energy!

lol, I just said that example was obvious.

The point remains.

Has anyone ever done any FADC combos involving bison’s scissors?

I already know it would probably do shitty damage, BUT you could build meter in the process and push them to the corner.

I was thinking maybe in the corner, you could one hit psycho crusher, FADC, hold FA down so it actually hits, then dash forward, and do something shitty.

I totally didn’t read in detail the last couple of posts about the term FADC, so if I just repeated the same mistake, please forgive me. My dog ate my homework.

Can you combo into his Psycho Crusher or MK/HK Scissor kick?

Its when you start talking bout cancelling moves into FA does the term FADC matter.
2 options… very hypothetical combos as I can’t test/experiment with uses

  1. scissors xx FADC, combo
    means cancel the scissors into FA, then immediately dash cancel the buildup of the FA
  2. scissors xx FA lvl???, dash up, combo
    means cancel the scissors into FA, let the FA hit, then dash cancel the recovery of the FA attack itself.

Now as i said i’m not sure if both of these will be practical, and it might become apparent that option 1 is better than option 2 or vice versa, BUT i don’t think you can say FADC to mean both outcomes.

NB. this might not (prob won’t) be relevant AT ALL to bison, but other characters could benefit from having combos specifically notated.

In the move properties post POscrub made, it would appear that his FA can’t juggle, meaning that wouldn’t work. He must have something from a focus cancelled psycho crusher though, I’m just not sure what it is.

Maybe you can just dash into ultra?

this doesn’t seem to work off SA crumple. I’ve tried this a few times vs cpu and every time the st.fp whiffs Maybe i’m dashing too late?.

I’ve never had trouble with this combo. I can guarantee it’s real. I don’t get how the stand fierce can whiff. if you dash after the SA. When you dash after the SA hits, you are all the way up close to them. The stand fierce that you are doing is the upclose stand fierce right?

yup, he swings his arm upwards, and whiffs as the opponent starts to crumple. which is why i think i might be dashing too late.

I tried this against Ryu.

yeah i guess you’re dashing too late.

So Afrocole has been playing some bison. And he did something I didn’t think was possible, he was able to combo after an SA canceled scissor kick. So he did like, st.short x2, cr.mk xx scissors SA~DC, st.short, cr.mk scissors.

this is true.

If it is true then this would mean the frames for calculating FADC isn’t as simple as saying 5 f (before you can dash) + dash frames. Cause scissors do 24 frames hit stun, minus (5+17=) 22 frames for supposed FADC equals +2 frame advantage, therefore not enough time to do the st.LK. But seeing as this is possible I wonder what the actual frames are for FADC.

Is st.LK the only thing you can combo from this? How strict is the timing?

Wow. If it’s possible and first hit of scissors keep the opponent grounded then you should be able to: c.LP, st.LP, cr.MK xx scissors SA~DC, st.short, cr.mk scissors SA~DC, st.short, cr.mk scissors.

Which would be nice.

I’ve seen the combo mentioned above, but instead of dashing up and doing stand short, this one dude does low jab instead.

I’ve never gotten this combo to work, but I’m sure its real.

Combo into first hit of scissors, saving attack cancel(it doesnt hit), dash forward quickly, low jab, low jab, low forward, scissor kick.

The dude that did it explained that it was hella hard. I suspect it technically does more damage then a normal scissor kick combo, but barely more. But it does push them towards the corner which is good.

Combo master Cole please enlighten me with the knowledge.

crossover mk, cr. lp x 2, st. lk, headstomp

it works… played this joint ALL DAY saturday over a friends.

ill be over his house again saturday an ill write down more as we go deeper into it. lovin bisons teleport… tryin to execute something out of it now.

someone else aside gilley with a cab? jealous enjoy >:-(

Interesting combo. Might have to try that out.

Btw, you can’t do anything out of teleport. Too much recovery. You can spam it to build space, though.

I suppouse it ain’t filling up your super meter? Or is it like Abel’s roll which gives small amount of it?

Doesn’t fill it up from what I’ve noticed on my meter.