Dictator LF good Claw players (Xbox)

I know you’ll probably laugh but I have an incredibly hard time in this matchup, I’d like more experience. I play at about the 2500-2750PP level (yeah I know online, but PP is a decent measure of skill imo). Send a friend request or a message, I’ll be on tomorrow.

GT: KinetiK001

i would but no xbox yet. give me a week or so.

plus… where you live, so we can see how many hemispheres are between us.

I live in Tennessee.

What, no comment on the PP being a decent measure of skill thing? You dissapoint me, Vegaman, lol.

Whenever I measure my PP, I always want it to be bigger!

i actually didnt even read that part. i completely ignored it. i just saw there was no location and was like… ummmm…

btw Kinetik, we want our land and water back now plz ty

since when PP means penis?

PP = Penis Points BP = Boner Points

Get with the times

I think PP is alright. Once you reach a certain level and create a lobby most of the people that challenge you aren’t retarded. I’ve played against amazing players with 800PP and terrible players with 3k of course, and lots of people never play ranked and just play endless.

Trust me I’m not the type of person to wag my e-peen around, I actually purposely tanked my PP by playing secondary chars for fun, I just mentioned it to give people a general idea.



that would actually be interesting tho if the border between Ga and Tn changes