Dictator looking for good Guile on PSN

Trying to fill my friends list with good players to level up thru player matches, I’m sick of playing Championship Mode

Preferably someone who is better than me so I can level up, although Guile vs Bison is a hard matchup anyway :looney:

PSN id - Madizm78

I’m in Colorado so I usually get 4 bars with the surrounding states and a few in CA

no one replied huh? ill add you dude. See u later

yo dude. hope you check back on this. GG’s. Guile is definitely beatable by Bison because my friend kills me a lot. He uses j. mk to cross me up and goes for block strings/tick throws. Uses Standing roundhouse all day as an anti-air/poke, walks up/dashes up and throws. knocks me down in the corner and focuses then dashes back last second to make me whiff flash kicks. Dont use the Slide too much. Uses EX Knee press to go through my sonic booms. He’s a tricky and aggressive bastard. He’s a good thinker though. Be random. Use teleport sporadically. thats about all i can think of.

hey dude Lennox, CA
? I live in Lennox good Job

I’m sorry and don’t mean to hijack the thread but I have a friend that uses bison and has guile issues so… his PSN id is RenzokuFC, I’ll tell him to add you aeroplane if that’s right? Also if any other guile(XBL) wants to be challenged by another dictator lemme know and I can get him to my place and play using my XBL GT(I use honda BTW).

Thanks in advance to everyone involved!

where do you stay man? you good at SF4? my buddy and i play. we live between freeman and prarie. Close to City Farm. If you got skills and wanna play hit me up

i’d like to fight a guile with fuerte. I’d like to fight just about anyone ith fuerte, just not shotos or giefs, that’s all I freakin’ face all the time and rarely fight a guile.

Yo, it’s me; Paree4g63t,
I also play Guile too(not the best) but i know how to use him enough to put up a fight. I hear rumors that Guile can beat Bison if played correctly. Hit me up sometime whenever you want; I might be on FFXIII more but just msg me anyway. good luck!