Dictator Thread online Tournament SIGN UP now!(XBL)



Okay, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but work has been ridiculous and ive been trying to start my masters. Now, i’ve found some free time with the holidays and stuff i feel a friendly dictator thread tournament will be good for everyone. This is not limited to the folks who frequent the dictator thread.

RULES The tournament will be a first to 5 games 2 out of 3 rounds, double elimination tournament. Player’s will be matched up randomly(sorry its the only fair way), Players do not have to only play Dictator, they can play whoever they like and counterpick however many times as they like. Once Match-Ups are decided it is up to the players to pick a reasonable time and date to have the match (Please try to do it quickly), if the matches are not played in a timely manner one or both of the players may be disqualified depending on the circumstances(exception: extenuating circumstances). Depending on how many people sign up, this could take a while. Results of the matches will be posted in this thread.

I’ll update the first few posts with results. Please be aware that i can only do updates after work hours. If there are any questions please feel free to ask. If anyone is very strongly opposed to this tournament please tell. Other then that please hurry and sign up, sign ups close on December 5th. **To sign up just put down your XBL gamertag **

P.S. Lag will be a very serious issue, especially for those over seas, we’ll try to deal with it as best we can.

P.P.S. this will be done on XBOX live, ill try to do a PS3 tournament later :slight_smile:


in the first round spidercrawl beat me 5-4 in a very close match and im not just saying that. Very good games and i actually learn some things in certain situations, but i go to loser bracket a to await the loser of the44show and laudanum09, spidercrawl will play the winner of delirium and kisaku. ggs


reserved (just in case)


i’d be down with this !


hmmm, looks like you’re the only one so far, we’ll see how tomorrow goes


can i try??

I got first tourney this sunday, and finally play more off line against real people…and learn!
funny thing is people still think I am using turbo, so how I prove them wrong??


lol an online mirror match tourney?


You’re not limited to picking Bison.

This seems like it’d be fun, but I lag because I use powerline networking, and lag makes me angry.


I’m down to play in this.


so far i have the the44show(canada), kisaku1218(east coast), myself(nole009)(texas), and SpiderCrawl(west coast)


Ok, put me down.


Eh, I’ll play…


Tony and Delirium join the club


Nvm, count me out sorry.


haha, okay tony…


i wanna join :smiley: RNARKlester



alright guys im gonna close the sign ups at 8:00 p.m. central today, So if you want to sign up do it now. otherwise i got markr(west coast), delirium(east coast), the44show(canada), kisaku1218(east coast), myself(nole009)(texas), and SpiderCrawl(west coast)


sign-ups closed i have brackets soon


OMG I hate mirror matches and my Seth sucks…fuck…okay count me in whatever. I MIGHT just learn how to play guile for this…

laudanum09 on XBL, West Coast, East Bay.

PS I am going to need some east coast dics to work on the mirror. plzzz hit me up on xbl for practice matches or on here.


Alrights here are the matches(i added you laudanum at the last second :)) Markr-you drew a first round bye.

delirium(delirium83) vs. Kisaku(Kisaku1218)

Nole009(crus4d3r009) vs. Spidercrawl(nefariousAl??)

The44show(the44show) vs. Laudanum09(laudadnum09)

Please have your matches completed by wednesday, December 7th. If you can’t please tell me and ill reschedule you.

Remember first to 5 games, best of 3 rounds and its double elimination sooo if you lose you can still make a combat