Dictators of EVO 2012



Any word on who’s going to enter?


Neurosis will be there surely? Hope he doesn’t get Mike Ross in his pool this year lol.


I hope Gagapa goes, that guy has been putting on work. Breaks my heart I can’t go there personally but I will be there most definitely in 2013, if they have one that is.


Dogura is truth and is really putting in effort. Any word if he will be there?


I hope he goes, I don’t think Dogura has ever played in the states? How about troll Kim1234, Jago, and Issy? Yeah getting a Mike Ross, or Guile in your pool would be the worst thing…


Jago will be there for sure but he only cares about Marvel these days I think.


I think Min used to play Bison, but now he is more T.hawk/Honda player…
Happy Medicine in EVO will be hype.


you can see Jago with Viper and Bison losing to Mono’s Dictator @CEO 2012, but the original posted that uploaded the video set it to PRIVATE only now…shame.


I was at CEO but not pay attention to Mono, I think I see him on stage but I was watch some gdlk vega, Rico is also play some Bison and he is very very good on everything too.

go back check CEO stream and I think you can find it, if I found it later I post back here.
there is like VEGA army and CAMMY army show up at CEO, sadly we don’t have Bison army since everyone play him but not really that serious.


I will be there, but I suck. If it’s anything like 2009, I’ll make it to the winner’s final of my pool and then lose 2 straight.


im going, not playing any games though. i’m there for the craps tables.

edit: someone in the balance thread confirmed that dogura is attending though.


yep, my friends playing Dogura first match


tell him to take a beating like a man:D


here is the confirmed international player list, looks like no Neurosis this year?

GamerBee (Adon)
Zhi (Gief)
Xian (Gen)
Momochi (Cody)
Choco, (Blanka)
Mago (Fei Long)
Uryo (Sakura)
Dogura (Bison)
Kazunoko (Yun/Seth)
Haitani (Makoto)
Nyanshi (Sagat)
Kindevu I do not know
Kyabetsu (Viper)
Kokujin (Ryu/Dudley)
Nuki (Seth)
Kiyomatsu (Guy)
Bonchan (Sagat)
Sako (Ibuki/Cammy)
Infiltration (Akuma/Gouken/Hakan)
Laugh (Ryu)
MOV (Ken)
Itazan (Zangief)
Tokido (Akuma)
Eita (Akuma)
Daigo (Ryu)
Fuudo (Fei)
Dakou (Ryu/Fei)
Xiahou (Cammy)


good. lord. usa will be lucky to have any players in the top 8.

also, so much character variety. that is awesome.


I’ll be there too, hopefully meet you on the craps table! Roll them bones


wtf happned to Neurosis?


Poongko isn’t going I heard, can’t find him in the brackets.


Poonko’s in C8 with Combofiend and Insaynne:



no Neurosis this year, any reasons why?