Did 2.40 brick your PS3? Did 2.41 fix everything?

For me, no.

its all good for me

Where is the I didnt dl the update option.

In another castle.

It’s unnecessary, since that answer is irrelevant, as the question only pertains to 2.40’s effect on your PS3.

Nope. Got me some trophies in SSHD too.

Not even bricked it still functions like normally.

Hell to the niz-oh.


Not here. Kotaku never ceases to fail.


Here is the same thread from Blu-ray.com. So far, it also reports a 100% chance of Kotaku being shit.

No bricking at all.In fact outside of no in game voice chat or real custom soundtrack i have no beef with 2.40

Fuck Kotaku, and no.

Mine is fine.

no brick!!

K, I guess my dickless friend must’ve just voted yes, when I was afk

I didn’t d/l 2.40 yet.

Worked just fine like after every other firmware update.

Worked fine, in-game XMB is nice, and I like the new clock.

No. However, it did brick my self-confidence & E-Peen cause I rediscovered how horrible I am at SSHD.

^If it makes you feel any better, I can’t even beat the first planet…