Did 2.40 brick your PS3? Did 2.41 fix everything?

can other people view your awards by looking at your profile

:u: Yes, they can. They can also do a side-by-side comparison on each game.

Oh, and if you voted that it did brick your PS3, please post what happened.

No Brick for me.

Love the in Game XMB, and they finally added date/time to the XMB, havent got to get any trophies yet, but i love all the new features.

^ same:rock:

you serious?

and no brick here.

Works fine for me. I’m just now starting to use my Sixaxis because of the in-game XMB feature instead of using a PS2 pad with a converter. Now, I need a Dualshock 3.

No brick. Rocking 2.40 on a EU 60gb PS3. In-game XMB is sweet. Bit of a confidence killer though going to trophys and it says ‘there are no trophies’…

I cant get the dl. When i turn on my PS3 it says its already up to date and its 2.36 I think.

They pulled 2.4 because of error’s/it being buggy etc.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say my ps3 is bricked, but since 2.4 it won’t play CD’s or DVD’s. I’ve still been playing MGS4 and Online perfectly fine though.

Yea I figured that much. Sucks, I was looking forward to this one. i’ll keep my ears to the floor to see when they rerelease it.

Oh wow, that serious?

I got 2.4, but all I’ve been doing is playing MGS4 on it so I haven’t checked anything else.
But what I’ve messed with (watching vids, playing MGS4 and random demos) its working just fine.

Ahhhh… but now I’m a bit worried about 2.4 =/

Hmm I would suggest that the people that did update their PS3 with 2.40 firm., to check on all the consoles features/etc to be on the safe side

looks lke 2.41 is up right now. downloading it right now.

2.41 gave me some DSN problems at first.

i’m still running 2.2

how often do these updates come out

yo, does this allow me to play music while in a game?

It’s now an option for developers to allow custom soundtracks for future games and it’s possible to patch older games to allow this feature.

I wasn’t able to get the 2.40 update, but I got the 2.41 update and I have no problems.

Just got 2.41, and all my previous problems are fixed.